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Saturday, 15 December 2018


I kept on weeping for minutes without uttering a word. Kukua, just look into my eyes and tell me you want to give up. Caleb stated and held my chin slowly up. Caleb, is this going to work? With every member of your family disliking me? I asked in tears. Kukua, love should be stronger than these tears you are shedding. I expected you to be stronger than this because from day one, we all knew this wasn't going to be easy. I braced myself, and I expected you to do same. He said. Caleb tell me, what are we going to do now? I asked in despair. Kukua, we are legally going to get married at the court, and I will move in here to stay with you. This house is yours Kukua, the truth is I bought it in your name. These are the documents. He stated and brought the documents from his car and handed them to me. Kukua, I am ever ready to spend the rest of my life with you. I wanted to keep this a surprise till we get married, but unfortunately, I couldn't. If my words can't convince you enough, I believe this gift will. He spoke sadly. Caleb, this house or any other thing can wait, but my love for you can not. I need you Caleb, and I need your family too. Are we going to remain outcasted couple forever? What happens to our children? Won't they have the opportunity to have grandparents and uncles? I asked. I perfectly understand how you feel Kukua, but please, never say never. The right time will come for us to live together as one big family. My father has toiled so hard to be where he is today. At a point in his life, he lost all his wealth because he wanted to help his poor friend. His friend duped him and run away with everything. Kukua, my family lost everything and we had to start from zero. Fortunately, God's favour shined upon his life and he began to win big contracts, that was when he became himself again. Since then, my father have seen every poor person as wicked and gold digging. Afrakoma's issue is yet another backing to my father's claim. I perfectly understand my father but unfortunately, I don't believe in his ideologies, beliefs or instincts. People may have similarities, but that doesn't make them the same. Caleb narrated. That sounds bad Caleb, why would his friend do that? I asked. You see? You are beginning to appreciate his actions. Life is always like that, we misjudge when we don't understand. He is a good man, but a bad man due to somebody's behavior. Caleb responded. Kukua, most rich people are also wicked, and that is what my father fails to understand. My friend Emrys has rich parents who also lives in the Sates, but they fail to take care of him. The only thing they did was to build a mansion for him to cover their wickedness towards their son. As it stands now, Emrys is living a disguised life. Rich but poor. He explained further. God! Caleb how does he feed? I asked. I feed him Kukua. I do virtually everything for him. I am even thinking of giving him a job in my office and there he was, insulting you. He responded. Come on Caleb, that shouldn't change your good plans for him. Just do for him what you've planned, and God will reward you. I pleaded. Until he apologizes to us, I won't! Kukua, I am hurt. He should have rather insulted me not you. He responded unhappily. I pleaded severally on Emrys' behalf until Caleb forgave him. Days passed, and Caleb moved in to stay with me. We enjoyed our stay together. His parents kept calling to threaten me, but I wasn't perturbed. One evening, we were watching news together in the room when we heard a knock on the door.

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