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Saturday, 15 December 2018


I called him back several times but he refused to answer. I got so worried and disappointed in myself for trusting another untrusted person. Early in morning, I was in the bathroom when I heard someone's presence in the sitting room. Who is there? Who has forced the door opened? Caleb is that you? I shouted. I hurriedly wiped myself and wore a dress to see who was there. Blood of Jesus! Awuah, what are you doing here? And how did you enter this room? I angrily asked. Kukua, that doesn't matter, what matters is I am here. He angrily responded. That is insane! You enter my locked room with God knows what, and you expect me to take it lightly? I angrily asked. Kukua, I have a master key to every door, that was how come I was able to enter here. Now if you don't mind, I will like to go into your bedroom to check if you slept in there alone. He stated and began walking into my bedroom. How dare you Awuah! How dare you invade my privacy? Are you out of your senses? Whom do you think you are to monitor me? My parents? I yelled. Kukua, if there is someone to call mad, then it should be you, because you have ever run mad on the streets before. You think I don't know? Well, I have had people to tell me. Whether you like it or not, I will check your bedroom. He insulted and pushed me aside. I held his shirt and pulled him back. Come back here you undisciplined animal! You dare insult me? I screamed on top of my voice. He turned and slapped me against the wall. I began to scream in pain. Somebody help meeeeee! Quickly, Caleb run into the room. Kukua, what is it? Why are you screaming? He asked immediately he entered the room. Caleb please take this man out of my room! He has slapped me. I spoke in tears. Quickly, Caleb held Awuah's hand. Mr man, why did you slap her, and who are you? He asked. She is my girlfriend! I was the one who bought the phone for her! Awuah shouted. Does that give you the right to beat her up? Kukua, give the phone back to him and let him walk out of here! Caleb instructed. I quickly got up from the floor and gave him the phone. Now walk out peacefully. Caleb angrily instructed. I am not moving an inch! She is my woman, and I won't leave her for you! Awuah screamed. Caleb tried forcing him out, but Awuah turned and tried to slap him. Out of anger, Caleb pounced on him and began beating him mercilessly. He quickly called the police afterwards for Awuah's arrest. I won't leave here unless I sleep with her! I wasted money to buy phone for her, and she must pay me back. Awuah angrily screamed in pain while Caleb gripped his both hands waiting for his arrest. Minutes later, the police arrived and they took him away. I felt so embarrassed. Kukua, I am so sorry for this pain. Caleb consoled. No Caleb, I should rather be apologizing for this embarrassment. I thought he was a gentleman, not knowing..... Ssssshhh Kukua, it is past, let it remain there. Caleb cut in and placed his finger on my lips to prevent me from talking. He held my hand and walked me to the sofa. Caleb talk to me. How did you finally find out about Cally and Theo? I asked. Kukua, I found out the very first day you gave me those spirito-physical instructions. He teased. After Afrakoma sneaked out from the room, I picked my phone and tiptoed behind her. When she got into the kitchen, Theo was already seated on the fridge waiting for her. I began videoing them till they started to make their nonsense love. I was fortunate enough to have videoed them clear. I hurried back into the room and pretended to be sleeping after I had gotten an evidence. She walked in minutes after, and headed straight into the washroom to wash what she thought was an evidence. Caleb narrated. It wasn't easy for me Kukua, but I tried my best to pretend everything was alright. The most painful part is that, she continuously sneaked out every night to make love with Theo in the kitchen. She did same on a day to our wedding. It was such a painful moment for me, but I kept my cool to cause them greater pain. He added. That was the time I came here almost every minute to search for you for at least, a consolation chat, but you had also traveled to God knows where. He stated sadly. I can't believe this Caleb! And you acted as though, I was a bad person? I asked. Yes Kukua, I wanted to test your strength and also to surprise you later. He responded. Caleb, how are you doing? How are you taking the pain, the trauma and the embarrassment that came out from your wedding? I asked. Kukua, I chose the embarrassment and no one did. I could have silently handled the both of them without the public, but I didn't. I wanted to punish myself for trusting the wrong person. Caleb explained. Caleb, and the pain, how are you managing it? I asked. The pain needs a manager, I can't manage it alone. He responded. That is why I am here Caleb. You can call on me anytime, any day. I said. Kukua, that is if you don't choose your business over me. He responded. Not anymore Caleb, I will always be here for you. I assured. He turned and began staring into my eyes. My heart began to beat faster. Kukua can I hug you? He softly asked. I stared into his eyes for a while and hugged him so tight. Slowly, he moved his lips towards mine and began kissing me softly. We kissed for few minutes and paused. Kukua, thanks for trusting me with this hug and kiss. I feel relieved from all my burdens. He whispered into my ears. God what have I done? Caleb is supposed to be my brother. Kukua, you don't have to start something you can not finish. I thought. Kukua, a lot on your mind right? Why did Caleb do this? Why did you allow yourself for this kiss? Where will this lead to? Are these not the questions you are asking yourself? Caleb asked. Listen to me Kukua, I did this out of love. Yes, I love you and you must know it. I would have married Afrakoma because I promised to do that, but my heart would have belonged to you for eternity. He confessed. Wondering how this is going to work? He asked. This is going to work through commitment. Yes, our commitment to the love we share. Unless of course you don't feel what I feel. Kukua, I can't force you, but I want you to know that, I love you with every drop of fluid in me. Softly, Caleb confessed his love for me. Caleb, I didn't understand what I felt for you until now. I thought it was sisterly, but I realized it was too strong to be. I love you more Caleb, yes, I do. If this love is my doom, so must it be. If it is my life too, so be it. I calmly responded. We hugged so tight. Kukua, never go of this love. Wrap your arms around this love till forever. Don't let anything intimidate you, and don't be fed up somewhere along the way. Let's hold each other together forever. Let's give the hopeless some hope, the unbelievers some belief, and the doubters, a reason. Caleb whispered into my ears. I began to share tears of happiness. With his tongue, he licked them away.

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