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Saturday, 15 December 2018


People wept for Caleb while others gossiped. I wished I could go and console Caleb, but for the fear of Curtis, I walked out of the premises in tears. Immediately I stepped out, I bumped into Doris. Kukua, I am glad to see you once again but unfortunately, the pain is too much for me to bare. She stated sadly. Doris, I am weak, I am so weak. Caleb is too good to suffer this way. I responded in tears. God knows best Kukua, He knows why He allowed him go through all these pain. Probably, He has prepared a better and a decent woman for him whom he is yet to meet. She responded. While talking at the entrance, Caleb and his parents stepped out of the church, and was about to enter into their car. Kukua, I'm glad you came. Caleb stated immediately he saw me. Caleb I am so sorry for your pain. This shouldn't have happened to you. I responded in tears. Caleb! What are you still doing with these poor girls? Ain't you sad for how one of them has deceived you? Mrs Bentum yelled at her son. I will see you later Kukua. Caleb stated in haste and joined his parents in the car. You still had the guts to show up here right? You still found your way to attend my brother's wedding? Who knows if you are not the bad luck behind these predicaments? Curtis asked after his parents had driven away. I expected you to rather apologize to me for siding with that murderer called Cally to manhandle me but I can see you have no shame. This is an opened place and not that your home where you rule like a heartless insensitive human being. I responded harshly. Don't forget that, poor people have their rights too. Their right to go wherever they want. If you have problems with that, then I suggest you sue the government with your riches. I added. You dare talk to me this way? I swear, I will deal with you. He threatened. Tell that to cowards, and I'm sure they will be frightened. As for me, I have had enough of an empty lightheaded person like you. Now if you don't mind, I will like to make good use of my legs by walking back home, whiles you drive in your 50\50 life survival car. And don't forget to be humble, because, riches are not a guarantee to long life, but humility is. I teasingly responded and walked out on him. See you later Kukua. Doris bid. I got home in pain and sorrow. God why did you allow Caleb suffer this way? I thought. Later in the night while sleeping, I had a call from Awuah. Hello dear, how did the wedding go? Why didn't you call me afterwards? He asked. The wedding went well Awuah, but unfortunately, I was having a slight headache when I got home, that was why I couldn't call you. I responded. Whiles talking, I heard someone knocking at the door. Kukua who is knocking at your door at 11am? Who is that? Awuah unhappily asked. I quickly went to check and it was Caleb. Awuah please let me call you back. I said. No Kukua, I won't hang up. Who has the effrontery to visit my woman this night, who? He yelled. Calm down Awuah, I said I will call you back. I responded confusedly. Kukua, I can see you are on phone, I'm sorry for coming here this late, I will see you tomorrow. Caleb stated and began walking away. No Caleb please come back. Please don't go. I pleaded. Kukua understand me, I don't want to cause problems for your relationship. Caleb responded and entered his car. Caleb, it isn't any relationship, Awuah is my friend. Please come back, he will understand. I pleaded but he drove away. Kukua, you dare deny me in front of another man? You dare? Awuah harshly spoke. Awuah what is wrong with you? Are you this temperamental? I asked. Why won't I be temperamental after wasting my money on you? How many men in this modern world will buy a phone for a woman who is not yet his wife? Do you think I am stupid? Kukua do you? He yelled. Now listen to me, tomorrow I will storm your house, and let's see who has the right to enter your house apart from me. He threatened and hanged up. What? I can't believe my ears. Is this the kind of man I've been admiring all these while? And God, why did I even give him directions to my house. I am doomed O God! I thought. I called him back several times but he refused to answer.

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