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Wednesday, 26 December 2018

Crazy Lover Episode 3

“Rose talk to me, what is the problem” Rose used her back hand to clean up tears
“Boss is dating small madam”
“And what happened to that” Stella asked looking surprised
“You know how much I love him, why is he not giving me attention for once” Stella lifted her hand to her shoulder
“Listean Rose, our boss belong to a high class, you are just trying to reach stars which is not possible, just stop all these”
“You won’t understand, I had tried to give up on him but I can’t”
“Is okay, try to eat something, if our boss is yours, he will surely come for you” Rose cleaned up her tears and started eating.
David and his father was at sitting room, they called Rose to serve them drink, she left and returned with wine and two tumblers in a try and kept it on a table, Mr Anthony noticed that her eyes was pure red
“What happened to your eyes Rose, did you cry?” David was looking at her too
“I’m fine sir, something entered my eyes when I was trying to get something from the cupboard”
“Is okay, hope you have done something about it”
“yes sir”
“You can go now” Rose bowed and left
“Son, what is your next step”
“Nothing much dad, I just want to travel out of the country”
“That will be a good idea but I want you to look after the company for sometimes”
“But you are here dad”
“No I will be travelling out of the country with your mother”
“For how long?”
“Six months”
“That will be too long”
“I also want to see how you can manage the company”
“Okay dad” they started drinking
David was laying on his bed operating his phone, he heard a knock from the door
“The door is open” the door opened and Susan entered wearing a black short skirt and sleeveless loose top, she walked closer to David
“Susan what is it”
“I just want to ask if you want to eat anything” Dav was surprised, he looked at her from head to toe
“I don’t remember you entering kitchen talk more of cooking, so what is the secret, are you trying to seduce me?, if yes, you have failed” Dav picked up his phone from the bed and left the room.
The next day, during lunch Susan and Dav walked over to the dinnen and sat down, Susan was smiling from ear to ear, David did not give her any smile, Stella served them water and stood behind them, Susan served the rice and stew in two plates, Dav picked up a spoon, he stirred it and carried one spoon inside his mouth, he swallowed it
“Stella, who prepared this meal?”
“I did” Susan replied with a smile
“You did what?, is this food or something” Dav got up and rushed to the sink and started vomiting the food, Susan also got up and left, Stella packed the plates and returned to their room and started laughing
“Stella why are you laughing”
“Hope you did not bring any food from the pot”
“No what happened”
“You can’t believe it, small madam tried to cook for our boss but he couldn’t eat it”
“Are you serious”
“Please bring that bread before someone will eat poison and die here”
“Don’t mind her, she thinks she can seduce my love with food”
“What is this one talking about” Rose hissed bringing out the bread from the cupboard, Stella started laughing again
“Just wait until you see us getting married”
“Wake up from your dreams” Stella hits her and she did the same.
To be continued.

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