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Monday, 17 December 2018


“Are you sure that you don’t want to stay here?” Jinnie asks Maymay for the second time.
She nods and says with finality.
“Yes, I’m sure! Don’t worry; I’ll be coming to work later!”
Jinnie hugged her.
She dragged the suitcase full of her things and hailed a taxi.
She will stay at an appartelle first and search for an apartment on her day off.
She settled herself in her room and arranged her things.
She feels exhausted so she lay down on the bed.
She closed her eyes and tried to sleep but couldn’t.
So she just stared at the ceiling of her room.
She recalled the events this morning and thought that tears would start to fall from her eyes.
But they didn’t.
She felt an unbearable ache in her heart but her tears refused to fall.
She looked at her watch and decided to just prepare for work.
She lays down her waitress uniform on the bed.
Towel in hand, she went to the bathroom.
She took her time in the shower.
Standing naked in the bathroom, she couldn’t help but recall the countless times she and Edward made love in the shower.
She started scrubbing herself vigorously as if trying to remove all those memories of him kissing her naked body.
There’s no use remembering those times.
They won't be happening again.
She scrubbed and scrubbed and scrubbed.
She only stopped when her hands started to feel numb from scrubbing.
She rinsed herself and stepped out of the shower.       
She got dresses and went to work.
At work, she was her usual jolly self.
You wouldn’t know from the way she acted that she just broke up from her lover.
Elisse, her other friend, took Jinnie aside.
“I thought you said that she and Edward just broke up?” she asked confused.
“That’s what she told me!” Jinnie confirmed.
“But why does she seem unaffected by what happened?”
“That’s what I’m trying to figure out too! I think she’s just pretending to be okay!”
“Who’s pretending?”
Maymay asks them with a bright smile on her face.
They didn’t notice that she already approached them.
“No one in particular! We were just talking about the Kdrama series that we watched!” Elisse reasoned out.
“Ah……anyway Elisse, a customer is looking for you in the VIP room!”
“Okay thanks!” then Elisse left them.
Maymay looks at Jinnie.
She knows that Jinnie will tell Elisse what happened between her and Edward.
“Stop worrying about me okay?” she smiles at Jinnie and walk away.
Jinnie sadly looks at Maymay’s retreating figure.
She’s even more worried now for Maymay.
She hopes that she can talk to Edward but she doesn’t know how to contact him.
She wants to know the reason why he broke up with Maymay.
She wants to understand why Maymay is acting like she doesn’t care.
She knows Maymay loves Edward.
And cynic that she is, she felt Edward loves Maymay.
She felt it.
You could feel it when you saw them together.
There’s a connection that was beyond words.

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