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Monday, 17 December 2018


Edward went to his office instead of going to his condo.
He has a spacious office that even has a room where he can sleep in.
The room which he hasn’t been using since he met her.
He shook his head.
He can't even bring himself to say her name because it hurts like hell to think about her.
He knows it's his fault for breaking up with her, but it still doesn’t change the fact that his decision hurt him too!
The truth is, he lied to her about knowing the engagement just last week.
He had known about it even before he met her.
It was a duty and a responsibility that he accepted because of their family being it is.
It was a marriage of convenience.
A business deal for two wealthy families.
They’ve been brought up that way.
He and his older brother, Francis.
Their father also married Francis’s mother for concenience.
They have a different mother.
He was a product of his father’s affair with his mother, Catherine.
His mother died from illness when he was just a year old.
His father brought him in to his family even with his wife’s objection.
Francis was already four years old then.
His brother never treated him differently.
But his step mother was a different matter altogether.
His father and his wife are the ones who are written on his birth certificate as his parents and not his real mother.
They made it seems like his step mother gave birth to him while they were staying in Germany.
He never felt love from his “mother”.
While his father is indifferent to him.
He learned all of this when he was thirteen years old.
He always felt when he was younger that their mother treated him differently from his older brother Francis.
So when he heard it from gossips among their household help, he decided to ask his father the truth.
He was shocked by what his father told him but it explained a lot.
He understood then that no matter what he did, his “mother” would never learn to love him.
He focused on making his father proud of him by excelling in his studies.
And now that he is handling one of their businesses he wanted to earn his father’s approval by making his company successful.
A year ago, his father told him that he has to marry his childhood friend Elizabeth for their business expansion and he agreed.  
He didn’t object because he wanted so desperately to earn his father’s approval even if it meant marrying someone he didn’t love.
What did he know of love anyway?
No one has ever shown it to him.
Except her.
His plans of accepting the marriage his father decided went awry when he met her.
He was drinking with his friend Carlos at the bar when she met her.
He noticed that she seemed out of place there.
She has this sunny disposition that emanates from her being.
He just got out of the rest room when he saw a guy harassing her.
She kept smiling at the guy even as she avoided his touch.
He doesn’t know what made him do it but he approached them and intervened.
He put his arms on her shoulder and asked, “Is this guy bothering you sweetheart?”
The guy was surprised by what he did and just left.
“Thanks, but you didn’t have to do it! I know how to handle guys like him!” and she wriggled her way out of his arms.
She smiled at him and he just stood there transfixed.
Her smile was so bright that it mesmerized him.
She turned to leave.
He held her arm so she looked back at him.
“Anything else I can do for you sir?”
“Edward! My name is Edward!”
And in that moment he knew that he would regret his decision to agree to a loveless marriage.

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