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Tuesday, 25 February 2020


Today is Mary Dale’s flight to Japan.
A few minutes left into the flight when she heard two woman talking.
“Oh my God! Have you heard about what happened at Ms. Soberano’s weeding?” the woman said excitedly.
“It was the most romantic wedding ever! Like a scene from a romantic movie! I …..”
Mary Dale didn’t bother hearing the rest of what the other woman said.
She got up to go to the restroom.
She is clutching her chest.
Her heart is beating so rapidly that she couldn’t breathe.
She didn’t reach the restroom when her vision suddenly went dark.
She fainted.
A man suddenly approached her.
A flight attendant also came to check her.
The FA looked at the man.
“It's okay! I’m a doctor!”                             
He showed his ID that’s hanging on his neck.
The FA nodded and gave him a thumbs up.
“Do you have an area where I can check her?”
He carried Mary Dale in his arms.
“Follow me sir!”
They went to the first class area where there is a vacancy.
The other FA’s pacified the other passengers.
The doctor put down Mary Dale and felt her pulse.
He shook his head in worry.
“What’s the problem sir?”
“Is it okay if she stays here for the rest of the flight? And me too because I’ll be monitoring her.”
The senior FA nodded.
“If it's not too much to ask, can you bring my luggage here? I have my medical kit there.”
“We’ll take care of it. anything else sir?”
“I think you might have to alert the airport to have an ambulance ready just to be safe.”
“Are you sure that she’s going to be okay for now?” the FA asked worriedly.
“I hope so!” and the doctor looked at Mary Dale with tenderness.
He noticed that her lips are blue.
Another FA brought the doctor’s things.
He immediately looked for his stethoscope and checked Mary Dale.
He checked her blood pressure.
After a few minutes the pilot announced their arrival in Japan.
Mary Dale still hasn’t gained consciousness so they transferred her to the ambulance.
They brought her to the hospital where the doctor is a resident.
They checked her things to see who they can contact in case of an emergency.
Her aunt immediately arrived at the hospital.
“What’s wrong with my niece, doc?”
“I still need to check her further to be sure but I think she…….”

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