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Wednesday, 26 December 2018


He softly kissed her forehead so as not to wake her.
He caressed her face with the hand that he punched the mirror with.
He didn’t notice that the handkerchief is already soaked in his blood.
All that matters to him now is that Mary Dale is here.
He kept staring at her face.
Trying to memorize every detail of it.
He felt his eyelids droop and sleep eventually overtook him.
But before he drifted off the sleep he gingerly held Mary Dale in his arms.
This will be the first time that he will be peacefully sleeping after they broke up.
He happily let sleep take him in its arms when he didn’t feel Mary Dale move away.
He woke up to the sound of his cell phone ringing.
He groggily reached for it and answered.
“Where the hell are you Edward? The weeding us starting soon.!”
Quen’s voice jolted him out of his sleep.
He immediately sat up and looked at his surroundings.
He tried to recall what happened last night.
“Mary Dale!”
But she is nowhere to be found.
He looked inside the bathroom but she’s not there.
He went out to the living room and even into the kitchen but he couldn’t find her anywhere.
He went back to the bedroom and noticed that the bed had dried bloodstains.
That’s when he remembered his hand.
The handkerchief is soaked in his blood.
He feels feverish and his head is aching.
He slumped down on the bed.
He covered his face with his hands.
She didn’t come back!
I just imagined all of it!
He heard his phone ringing again and reached for it.
It's Quen again.
“Don’t worry, I’m coming.” He answered wearily and ended the call without waiting for his brother’s reply.
He went to the bathroom to take a shower.
He stepped into the shower and closed his eyes.
Tears are streaming down his face.
After a while, he finished his shower and got dressed.
He bandaged his hand and left.
He drove to the hotel where he and Elizabeth are getting married.
Quen immediately approached upon seeing him in the hall.
“You're late! Didn’t I tell you to go home early last night?” Quen admonished him.
“I did go  home last night.”
“Then what happened?”
“I think I had a fever from all the blood I lost.”
Quen reached out to touch his forehead.
“Are you okay now?”
He brushed Quen’s hand away.
“I’m fine! Let’s just get this dammed wedding over with!”
He took his suit and got dressed.
It's time for him to face reality.

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