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Wednesday, 26 December 2018


Mary Dale slowly walked away from Edward.
“Don’t look back!”
“Don’t look back!”
“Don’t look back!”
She kept repeating those words to herself.
It took every ounce of resolve she had not to look back, or worse, run back into Edward’s arms.
Her heart was beating so fact when he called her “my love”.
His words kept ringing in her ears.
“Will you wait for me?”
Wait for what?
For him to get married and make her his mistress?
She feels a lump in her throat at the thought.
She is so confussed at the way Edward is acting.
Her mind is a mess..
A part of her is telling her to pack her bags immediately and go far away from him.
A part of her wants to believe that maybe just maybe Edward will call off his wedding and come back to her.
That part which her stupid broken heart wants to believe.
Her stupid broken heart that is still holding on to his words…. “I won't ever let you go!”
She shook her head.
She recalled what Elisse said earlier that they are here to celebrate Edward’s stag party which means the wedding is happening soon.
Maybe he’s getting married tomorrow?
She doesn’t know and she shouldn’t even care!
Whether it is tomorrow or the next day or next week or next month, it shouldn’t matter to her anymore!
He already made his choice!
And that choice is not her.
She kept walking until she reached the manger’s office.
She opened the door and walked up to their manger, Coraline.
“Oh, Dale! What brings you here in my office? By the way, thank you for still coming to work even if you no longer have to!”
“Uhm….Cor? can I go home now? I remember that I still have something to buy for my aunt!”
“No problem, Dale! As I already told you before, you shouldn’t have to!”
“Thanks Cor!”
She got her bag from their lockers and looked for Jinnie.
“Jinnie, I’m going home now. Just tell Eli when you see her!”
Jinnie didn’t even have time to respond when Mary Dale already turned and walked away.
Thankfully she didn’t encounter Edward or anyone else in their group.
She exhaled loudly once she got out of the bar.
She felt suffocated from everything that happened.
She decided to walk a little bit before hailing a cab.
The cool breeze of the night air made her shiver a little.
She will definitely miss this place.
She’s not sure if she is still coming back.
Who’s even there to come back to?

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