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Wednesday, 26 December 2018


She wriggled herself out of Edward’s arms.
She wanted to stay in the warmth of his embrace but she can't.
It hurt too much to stay.
She didn’t say anything but she just looked at him with sadness in her eyes.
She gave him a bittersweet smile.
She couldn’t look at him in the eyes.
She’s tired of believing in his lies.
She wordlessly walked away from him.
Edward ran up to her and hugged her from the back.
“I’m sorry my love! Just give me another chance! Please say you’ll wait for me?” he whispered in earnest.
He was not supposed to talk her.
Not yet.
But he couldn’t help himself.
It took every ounce of self control he had not to beat Markus’ ass when the asshole held Mary Dale’s waist and insulted her.
Good thing Quen immediately intervened.
Speaking of his brother, he knew that if Quen sees him talking to Mary Dale he would definitely get angry.
But it doesn’t matter to him now.
All he wants is to hold Mary Dale in his arms and kiss her pain away.
When Mary Dale didn’t say anything, he kissed her head.
“Please my love! I’m begging you!” he whispered in earnest.
Her silence is killing him.
She took his hands off her body.
She slowly faced him.
This time, she looked him straight in the eyes.
She couldn’t read her expression.
That’s it!
Just a simple no but it was said with so much conviction.
She didn’t even raise her voice.
She said it so matter of fact that it left him reeling.
He hadn’t started to grasp her answer fully when she turned to walk away.
Edward is left dumbfounded.
He felt like a knife just stabbed him in the heart.
He wanted to move and stop her from leaving but his feet seems glued to his position.
Am I too late?
He knows he can't blame her.
It's all his fault.
He broke her heart and now it is only right that she breaks his.
He just stood there while she walked away from him.
He shouldn’t have waited this long like what his brother told him.
Stop blaming other people for your mistakes Edward!
It was no one else’s choice but yours to break her heart!
You could’ve done something to break your engagement even before she gave her heart to you!
But you didn’t!
You were the one who made her believe that you and her had a chance!
No one else but you!

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