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Wednesday, 26 December 2018


Elisse saw Mary Dale with a tray full of drinks and approached her.
“Dale, let me take care of their orders for you!” she says with unusual concern on her face.
“No! it's okay! I don’t mind really!”
“Please, Dale! Just this once don’t be so stubborn and let me do it for you!”
Now she is puzzled at Elisse’s insistence.
She paused and asks…. “Is there something I need to know?”
Elisse tried to stop her again, careful to not make Mary Dale drop the tray.
“It was requested by edward!”
That stopped Mary Dale in her tracks.
“Why?” she raised her eyebrows.
“Because…..” Elisse couldn’t come up with a lie to save herself.
She’s never been good at lying.
“I’m waiting Eli.” Mary Dale tapped her foot.
“It's his stag party!” Elisse blurted out.
“So?” Mary Dale ignored her implication.
“He doesn’t want to see you there!” Elisse squeezed her hands together.
“I see….Here!” she gave the tray to Elisse.
“You could have just said so earlier.” She smiled at Elisse.
“I’m, sorry Dale! I didn’t know!”
There’s that look of pity again!
She hates it!
She hates Edward for giving her false hope!
But mostly she hates herself that she listened to that small voice when he told her those words!
“No! I won't ever let you go!”
She should have known that it meant nothing!
“You have nothing to be sorry for.” She turned her back to Elisse and walked away.
She didn’t run.
She deliberately walked slowly.
Running means she is a loser.
She won't let Elisse see that Edward broke her heart once again.
When she was a little distance from Elisse she looked back and she saw her gone.
She then went to the rest room and washed her face with cold water.
Maybe the cold water will wake her up from the nightmare that she can't seem to get out of.
She looked at her reflection in the mirror.
“How stupid can you be to believe in those words again Mary Dale Entrata?”
She opens a few buttons of her blouse because she feels that she can't breathe.
Her heart is beating so fast.
She feels that unbearable pain in her heart again.
She recall the scene earlier in the VIP room and Edward’s indifference.
What was she expecting anyway?
For him to care?
Why would he?
He already broke up with you remember?
She didn’t know when the tears started falling from her eyes.
She repeatedly washed her face to mask the tears that kept falling.
Satisfied, she wiped her face with tissue and got out of the rest room.
She wasn’t looking where she was going so she didn’t see the man in front of her.
They collided.
“What the….” She was surprised to see that it was Edward.
“I’m sorry!”
He held Mary Dale on each arm.
He slowly pulled Mary Dale into his arms and whispered……
“Will you wait for me?”

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