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Wednesday, 26 December 2018


Days passed and the announcement of Edward and Elizabeth’s wedding is everywhere.
It was a weeding of two wealthy families who are known in the business world so it came as no surprise that it was all over the news.
Thankfully Mary Dale doesn’t have a television or radio or social media account, so she isn’t aware of it.
Nevertheless she already made her decision to push through with her plans of going t0 Japan after what happened the last time she saw Edward.
She already said her goodbyes to Jinnie and Elisse.
She was just waiting for the day of her booked flight.
Even her luggage is already packed.
When she told her aunties of her decision, she told her that someone wants to meet Mary Dale once she is in Japan.
She didn’t say who, just that it was someone who she needs to meet.
Maybe it has something to do with business because her aunt told her that someone invested in their bar.
Since she wasn’t anticipating anyone else she just shrugged it off.
She’ll eventually know who it is anyway once she’s already there.
She still busied herself with work since there is nothing to do at her place.
Edward and Quen didn’t show up anymore at the bar after what happened.
So it came as a surprise to her when she saw both men at the VIP room with their other friends.
They seem to be celebrating something.
She approached Quen to ask their orders but she was careful not to seem friendly to him or anyone else for that matter.
“May I take your order sir?” she avoided edward’s eyes who is seated in the middle of the couch.
After what edward said the last time, she doesn’t know if she can still look him in the eye.
Her eyes might betray her.
She looked at the small notepad on her palm.
One of his friends stood up and held her waist close to his body which totally took Mary Dale by surprise.
Before she could push him away, a punch flew on the guy’s face.
She was surprised to see that it was Quen who punched the guy and not Edward.
She straightened her uniform and swallowed the lump in her throat.
“Are you okay?” Quen asks her.
Before she could answer him, he looked at his friend and asks…..
“What the hell were you thinking, Markus?”
He even held him by his collar.
Markus just smirked.
“What’s the problem anyway? She’s just a waitress!”
Was it foolish of her to expect Edward to defend her? She thought to herself.
He didn’t.
He just sat there looking at her with a look on his face that she couldn’t read.
He used to go ballistic when someone belittles her job.
“You're right sir! I’m just a waitress, so may I now take your orders?” she says to Markus.
Quen let go of Markus and looked at Dale with pity.
Dale noticed his look and it made her angry.
She doesn’t need anybody’s pity!
She doesn’t need anyone to defend her!
She used to do it all on her own?
She held her chin up and waited for their orders.
Afterwards she walked out of the room with her head held high.

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