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Wednesday, 26 December 2018


Bothe Edward and Quen are lost in their own thoughts.
Each of them contemplating what to do.
Edward haves a sign and break the silence.
“What made you decide to come back here?”
Quen looks him in the eyes before answering.
“I’m here to take back what’s mine!”
“And what it is it?”
“It's not what! It's who is it!”
“Then who?”
“Elizabeth.” Quen answers with conviction.
“You mean, my fiancĂ©?” Edward asks incredulously.
“Yes! Your fiancĂ© Elizabeth and my woman!”
Edward doesn’t really know how to react to his bother’s statement.
Then he remembered what Elizabeth told him.
“But Liz told me that she’s in love with someone!”
Quen sat up straight with that.
“Did she say who?”
“Just that he thinks of her as a younger sister and if she could she would marry him in a heartbreak.!”
“She said that?” Quen couldn’t help but smile.
“Yeah, she did!”
“This might just be the solution to your problem!”
“What is it?”
“I will marry Elizabeth and then you can go back to Dale!”
Edward seems to sober up at that.
“If she’ll still have you after what you did!” continues Quen.
Edward couldn’t help but feel deflated at the thought that Mary Dale might not take him back.
But he already made up his mind to not let her go!
Then he remembers their father.
What if he doesn’t agree to Quen decision to marry Elizabeth?
Edward shook his head.
If he was unsure before of his decision, now he is sure!
He won't ever let go of Mary Dale again!
He can't live without her, he knows that now!
Quen is observing his brother.
“What if she doesn’t what you anymore? What would you do?”
“I will pursue her no matter what! I  will do whatever it takes to make her mine again! Edward now answers with more conviction.
“And what about father? What if he doesn’t agree?”
“I’m done trying to win his approval and love! Only Mary Dale showed me the true meaning of love! And I am such a fool for letting her go!”
“I’m glad you have seen the error of your ways!
I’m just here to help you with whatever you need!”
“Thanks bro!”
“No. thank you for not falling in love with Elizabeth and for taking care of her while I was away!”
“I should have known she was in love with you!
She’s always been jealous of the woman flirting with you! Edward smiles at Quen.
“That she is! Even if she doesn’t have a reason to be because I’ve always known that she is the one for me!”
“Really? How did you know that she is the one?”
“I’ve always felt home when I’m with her!” Quen says with a smile.
“That’s what I feel too when I’m with Mary Dale! Edward thinks to himself.
“Being away from her is torture! But I had todo it  because I wanted to be the best man for her!” Quen continues.
“Being away from Mary Dale is indeed torture!” Edward thought.

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