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Wednesday, 26 December 2018


“What happened?’ Jinnie asks Mary Dale when she saw her limping.
“Nothing. Can you send someone to clean up the VIP room24?” she evades the question.
“Okay!” and she leaves Mary Dale to look for a janitor.
Jinnie senses that she is avoiding the question so she didn’t press her.
Mary Dale went to the rest room to wash her bloody knee.
And because she doesn’t have a bandage, she just wrapped her handkerchief on it.
She thought of the scene earlier in the VIP room.
“Quen and Edward are brothers?”
She realizes that she still doesn’t know a lot of things about Edward.
The mere mention of Edward’s name brought a pain in her chest.
She rubs her fist over her aching heart.
She totally forgot the pain in her knee.
She straightened herself and got out of the rest room.
She continued working, walking straight as if she doesn’t feel anything.
After a while, a customer called her and started saying his orders.
He glanced upon her knee and noticed the handkerchief is now soaked in blood.
“Isn’t that painful?” as he pints to her knee.
Mary Dale looked at where he is pointing and just dismisses it.
She smiles and says, “It's not!”
The customer grimaced at the sight of blood.
Mary Dale noticed his discomfort so she signals to another waitress.
“Tina! Can you finish getting their orders?” she says with a smile.
Mary Dale went back to the rest room and removes the handkerchief.
She washes it to remove the blood.
But of course it leaves a stain.
After she squeezed the excess water from it, she wrapped it back on her knee.
They don’t have a first aid kit so it will have to do.
She decides to just go home because she noticed that some customers are not comfortable with the sight of blood.
She went out of the rest room and looked for Jinnie.
Mary Dale approached Jinnie and tells her that she is going home.
“Text me after you get home safe!”
Mary Dale just nods.
After she leaves, she went to a convenience store and bought some bandages and antiseptic.
At home, she took a shower before she tends to her wound.
She remembers to text Jinnie before she lays down to sleep.
Unfortunately, sleep doesn’t want to visit her.
She remembers the look on Edward’s face when he saw her wound.
The way he carried her out of the VIP room.
And most of all, she remembers what he told her….
“No! I won't ever let you go!”
And her traitorous broken heart wishes that it is true.
She shakes her head as if trying to remove that though from entering her head.
“Don’t you dare believe those empty words!”
She repeats his words to her….
“It's over, Mary Dale!”
Those are the words that you should believe.
She repeatedly says it as if it's a chant.
But a small voice inside her head is repeating the words….
“No! I won't ever let you go!”
Her mouth says…..
“It's over, Mary Dale!”
But her broken heart says….
“No I won't ever let you go!”

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