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Friday, 21 December 2018


Edward didn’t fight back because he knows that what he did to Mary Dale is wrong.
He couldn’t help the tears that ran down his face.
Quen stopped punching him when he noticed Edward crying.
He closed his eyes when he thought that Quen would punch him again but Quen punched the pillow beside him.
Quen ran his fingers through his hair in frustration.
He got up and went to his room to get a face towel.
Edward sat up and straightened himself on the couch.
He wiped the blood from his nose and lips.
Quen got back and took some ice from the ice bucket and put it in the towel.
He gave it to Edward and sat down again opposite his brother.
Edward wordlessly took the towel with ice and put it on his lips.
This time it's Quen’s turn t0 gulp down on the bottle of beer.
He reached for another one.
“I really thought between you and I, you are the good man Edward! But after what you did, I’m starting to think otherwise.”
Edward’s ears perked up at what he said.
“Elizabeth said the same thing.”
Quen looked at him confused.
“Why did she say that?”
Edward heaved another sigh.
“She learned about what I did to Mary Dale and just like you, she got angry at me!”
“Wait, how did she know about you and Dale?”
“We went to the bar and she noticed the way I looked at Mary Dale. She asked me who Mary Dale is to me, so I told her the truth!”
Quen is really starting to get pissed at what Edward is telling him but he tried to keep his cool.
Edward stooped pressing the ice on his lips to drink some beer before continuing.
“She told me to grow some balls first before I show my face again to Mary Dale!”
Quen couldn’t help but smile at what Elizabeth said to Edward.
“That’s my woman!” he thought to himself.
Thankfully, Edward didn’t notice it.
“I asked her if she was going to break off our engagement after what she learned about me and Mary Dale but she said no!” Edward looks so sad while saying this that Quen couldn’t help but feel a little sympathy for his brother.
Edward has always been the one who always followed whatever their father said so it's really no surprise for him that Edward got himself into this predicament.
Edward always tried to please their father whereas Quen rebelled against him.
He couldn’t take their father’s edict anymore that is why he left.
If he didn’t leave for Germany it would’ve been him who is engaged to Elizabeth.
And if he hadn’t been such a heart breaker, he and Elizabeth would be married by now.

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