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Friday, 21 December 2018


“Are you hearing yourself, Edward? In case you forgot let ,e remind you that you broke up with me, remember?”
Edward ignores what she said and just continues carrying her towards his car.
He didn’t set her down and just opened the car door with his other hand.
He sits her down before to the driver’s side.
But before he could enter his car, she got out and walked back towards the bar.
She struggled to walk straight because of the pain in her knee.
Edward easily caught up with her and held her arm.
“Stop it already, Edward!” says Quen.
Both Mary Dale and Edward looked at him.
“Can't you see that she’s in pain?”
Quen doesn’t realize that what he said has a double meaning for Mary Dale.
She takes his hand off her arm and walks away from him.
Edward didn’t stop her.
She walks past Quen.                                              
She doesn’t know what to say to him anyway.
Quen just let her go.
He looks at Edward who is still looking at Mary Dale.
“Care to tell me what is going on with you and Dale?” he asks as he approaches his brother.
Edward heaves a frustrated sigh and combs his hair with his fingers.
“It’s complicated.” He finally answers.
Quen puts his arm on his brother’s shoulder and leads him.
“You can tell me about it over a few drinks at my condo!”
Edward silently nods.
They both get into their cars and drive.
Quen was the first to arrive and he immediately went up his unit.
Edward doesn’t get out of his car and just sits there.
He is  seriously considering whether or not he will tell his brother about him and Mary Dale.
What would he tell him anyway?
But he is also curious about Quen and Dale.
What kind of relationship do they have?
His brows furrow at the word “relationship”.
What does he mean when he said that Mary Dale is her favorite girl?
Did they have a relationship before?
“Aaaargh!” he groans in frustration.
He remembers the concern on Mary Dale’s face when she saw the blood on Quen’s face and he can't help but be jealous.
He feels his cellphone vibrate and see Quen’s text.
“What’s taking you so long? The drinks are waiting!”
He texts back, “Okay!”
He got out of his car and decides to go get the answers to his questions.
The elevator ride up to Quen’s unit seems to take forever.
He immediately got out when the elevator door opened.
He rings the bell and Quen lets him in.
He sits down on the couch and reaches for a bottle of beer on the table.
He gulps it down in one drink.
Quen sits on the opposite side of the couch.
“Hey hey hey not so fast! Are you going somewhere?” he asks upon seeing Edward gulping down the beer.
Edward wipes his mouth with the back of his hand and sets down the bottle.
He reaches for another one and starts drinking again but this time more slowly.
Quen starts drinking too.
“So, tell me about you and Dale!”

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