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Friday, 21 December 2018


As soon as Mary Dale is out of earshot, Edward turns to Quen and asks him about her.
“You know her?” he asks casually.
“Dale? Yeah, I know her! Before I left for Germany, I already knew her.” And Quen is smiling at the memory.
“So she knew him before me!” he thinks to himself.
His eyebrows crease at the thought without him realizing.
Quen noticed his reaction.
“Why do you ask?” he’s curious now.
He knows Edward is not the type to be curious of other people, so what makes Dale special?
Edward clears his throat and says, “You just seem close to each other.”
Now why does he sense that Edward is a bit jealous of him and Dale?
He decides to push his brother’s button.
“We are actually!” he says with a wink.
Edward gives him a death glare.
Edward tries hard to calm himself.
“What do you mean by that?” he almost spat out.
Quen is silently smirking to himself.
“She’s my favorite girl out of all the girls here!”
Edward threw a fist at his brother’s face.
He couldn’t take it anymore.                     
Quen didn’t fight back.
Edward kept punching him.
Mary Dale arrived with their orders and saw Edward punching Quen.
She dropped the tray and immediately pulled Edward away from Quen.
“What the hell is happening here?” she asks Quen while trying to wipe his bloodied mouth.
“Don’t worry Dale! This is just normal between brothers!” and he smiles at her.
“Wait, brothers? You mean…..” she looks at Quen confused.
“Don’t you see the resemblance?”
“Now I know why he seemed familiar when I first met him!” she mumbles to herself talking about Edward.
Which Quen heard.
“So you two know each other?” he asks aloud looking at Dale and Edward.
Mary Dale looks away.
She stands up and starts to clean the mess she made by dropping the tray.
Edward doesn’t answer and just kept looking at Mary Dale.
Quen looks from one to the other.
Mary Dale concentrates on picking up the pieces of the broken bottle of liquor she dropped.
She can feel Edward burning a hole through the back of her head.
She kept her back turned to him.
She didn’t notice the broken piece of glass when she moved to pick up another piece so she accidentally knelt on it.
“Ouch!” she sees the blood on her knee.
Quen and Edward are immediately on her side.
“What happened?” they both ask.
Mary Dale didn’t look at both of them but instead just wipes the blood from her knee.
When Edward saw the blood, he immediately carries Mary Dale in his arms, bride-like style.
And because she was shocked by what Edward did, she couldn’t say anything.
She just let him carry her out of the VIP room.
Edward is heading towards the exit.
When she recovers from the immediate shock, she tries to stop him.
“Put me down, Edward!” she says trying to keep her voice down.
Edward just looks at her and tightens his hold on her still walking.
“Let me go Edward!” she says in annoyance.
He looks at her again.
“No! I won't ever let you go!”

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