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Friday, 21 December 2018


“Is it true, Dale?” asks Jinnie.
“What is?” Mary Dale asks back.
“Your aunt told me to look for a new waitress to fill your place. So, is it true that you are leaving?”
Mary Dale smiles a bit.
Her aunt is too exicited for her to go to Japan that she’s already looking for her replacement.
She slowly nods then shakes her head.
Jinnie is confused about her action.
“Was that a yes or a no?”
“I’m not even sure yet if I want to.”
“Well, if it's what will help you to move on from Edward then I hope you decide to go!” she says as she hugs Mary Dale and pats her back.
She just lets Jinnie hug her.
There’s  no use denying that Edward is the reason why she is leaving, she knows Jinnie wouldn’t believe her anyway.
“Don’t leave without saying goodbye to me and Elisse, okay?”
“Don’t worry, I won't! we’ll even have a going away party if you want!”
“I’d like that!”
“Enough with the drama! Lets go back to work!”
So they did busy themselves with work.
Mary Dale enters one of the VIP rooms and smiles when she sees a familiar face.
The guy smiles at her too.
“So, how’s my favorite girl?” asks the guy.
The guy even gets up and puts his arm on Mary Dale’s shoulder.
Mary Dale just rolls her eyes at him doesn’t remove his hand.
“I see you haven’t changed a bit!” she says to the guy.
Mary Dale’s back is to the door so she didn’t see the guy behind her.
Edward sees the guy with his arm on Mary Dale’s shoulder.
His hands are itching to remove the guy’s arm and punch him in the face.
He enters the room and clears his throat.
The guy looks back at him without removing his arm.
“Hey bro, you're here!” that’s when he removed his arm to give Edward a hug.
Mary Dale looks at them confused.
She sees Edward looking at her with a grim look.
After the guy hugs Edward, he turns to Mary Dale.
“Just give us the usual Dale! You still know it, do you?”
Edward’s ears perks up at the guy’s use of Dale to call her.
“They know each other?” he asks himself.
“Sure, Quen, I still remember your favorites!” she answers back with a smile.
“Quen? So they do know each other!” Edward concludes in his mind.
“That’s my girl!” Quen even winks at Dale before she went out.

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