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Friday, 21 December 2018


Edward woke up with a headache.
He looks around his surrounding still disoriented.
He slept on the floor of Mary Dale’s bedroom with the charm bracelet still in his hand.
He looks at it again one last time before putting it in his pants’ pocket.
He looks at his watch and sees that it's already lunch time.
He decided not to go to work.
He texts his secretary that he won't be coming to the office and to reschedule whatever it is in his schedule for tomorrow.
He didn’t wait for his secretary’s reply.
He got up and went to the shower.
As he stepped inside the shower, he couldn’t help but reminisce all the times he and Mary Dale made love in it.
Just the memory of those times and he can feel his member harden.
Her scent still lingers in the shower.
He closed his eyes and groaned in frustration.
He set the shower’s temperature cold to make his member soft.
He didn’t take long in the shower.
He wrapped a towel around his waist and looked for a shirt and jeans in the closet.
And of course, he picked a boxer shorts from the drawer.
The one he got was a gift from Mary Dale.
He doesn’t know whether he should be happy or sad about it.
She even embroidered his initials on it.       
She’s old-fashioned in that way.
He laughed when she told him about it but it's what he loved about her.
He finished getting dressed and went to the kitchen to check for food.
Mary Dale left the condo as is so the ref is on and thankfully there’s food that he can cook.
He got the ingredients he will use and starts preparing.
He remembers that Mary Dale loved cooking for him even if she is exhausted from work at the bar.
The bar………
He remembered what happened last night.
He knows it was a jerk move for him to bring Elizabeth there and parade her in front of Mary Dale.
He just misses her so much that’s why he couldn’t help himself and he decided to go there.
But Mary Dale’s reaction to their presence there is something that he did not expect.
She seemed unaffected and whether he wants to admit it or not, it hurt his pride that she could act that way in front of him.
It took every ounce of self-control he had not to kiss her in front of Elizabeth for ignoring him.
Especially when she refused to call him by his name.
“It's your fault, you asshole!” he admonished himself.
He remembered what Elizabeth told him.
“You broke up with her remember?”
“What should I do?” he asked himself while cooking.
He knows he has to decide sooner or later whether or not he should push through with his marriage to Elizabeth.
“Are you ready to face your parents’ wrath?”
“Are you willing to give up everything for her?”
He admits to himself that he is still unsure of his answer to those two questions.
“Are you ready to live your life without her?”
After what happened last night, he is sure of his answer to the last q

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