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Friday, 21 December 2018


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“One of the things that concern me is when I read about, or hear of people, especially young people committing suicide because of bullying. 

I wish that I could talk to such people before they make such a terminal decision. I would tell them to not let the insecurities and fears of others influence them in any way. 

I would tell them to accept that all ridicule, insults, bullying and peer pressure is irrelevant and simply unimportant to whom they are. If a parent is unaccepting of whom you are, you need to say to them that if you are unacceptable to them they have no right to be your parent and you should walk away from them. 

Too many people are enslaved to parents, partners and friends who do not accept them. Unacceptable and bullying are forms of violence and everyone should walk away from violence with dignity. 

No one should tell you what to believe, how to think, how to dress, how to behave or to dictate your sexual orientation or condemn you for your compassion, your passion, your imagination and your character. 

You are who you are and that is what it is, and how it should be, and if others do not tolerate who you are, don’t give them the satisfaction of destroying you. Simply symbolically spit in their eye, walk away and concentrate on being who you are for the benefits of yourself.

And if anyone is inclined to commit suicide my advice is to commit social suicide instead. 

That is, to drop out of your life as it is and begin another life, in another place with new ideas. An adventure is the antidote for depression. Take a chance, jump into the unknown and you will be amazed at what is awaiting you after you do”.

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