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Friday, 30 November 2018

My Personal Taste (18+) Episode 10

Sugar walked in elegantly, beaming with smiles.
God! this girl's hot!
She was gorgeously dressed in a tight black shiny gown which stopped just right at her thighs, bringing out her wild curvy hips and displaying her smooth legs. On her feet where yellow stiletto heels and she had a small round yellow chain bag, to match.
She was looking so gorgeously good.
She walked over to me.
“Mom thanks for letting me know.” She said to my mom.
“Ah, don't thank me dear. You deserve to know.” My mom replied, smiling at her.
She deserves to know?
Sugar turned to me..
And my eyes almost popped out of my socket when i saw those sweet cleavage.
“Hi,..” She said.
“Sugar, thanks for coming..” I said, forcing out a smile.
Her beauty was something else.
“Yeah, Im Sugar Coker. Im sure mom have told you about me.” She said, smiling sweetly at me and displaying the most tiniest but deepest sweet looking dimples i've ever seen.
Her eyelashes were artificially fixed, giving her more beauty.
She is fair in complexion.
Her nose are pointed and her lips are full.
Why do she look like a halfcaste?
“Yes Sugar. I did. Im sure he's glad you came.” Mom said.
Okay, i would have been if it was somewhere else and not in a hospital bed!
I looked at my mom.
She smiled at me.
Sugar looked at me, obviously waiting for me to speak.
“Yeah, i am Sugar. Thanks alot.” I said.
She smiled as she came over and sat beside where i layed my head.
I was afraid her wild hips and my cheek were going to touch soon.
God! This is temptation.
She gently touched my head with the softest fingers ever and i felt goosebumps wash over my skin.
“How are you feeling right now?” She asked with concern written all over her face.
Ah! I feel goosebumps all over.
“I...Im fine..Better.”I said.
Geez! why are my stammering.
She touched me at the hand where i was talking the drip from and the way she was touching me sent sensations down my spine.
“You'll be fine soon ok.” She said as she continued to caress it.
I felt more sweet sensations rush through my hormones and i didn't know how else to react to such sweet feelings than to close my eyes.
God please save me. I don't want to get a boner here on this bed.
I opened my eyes and looked up at Sugar and she winked at me.
Did mom see her do that?
God. Mom please say something.
I looked at my mom. She was just busy smiling at Sugar.
(Please say something and stop smiling like you won a trophy!) I said within as i glanced at my mom.
But then Sugar shifted and her wild hips brushed over my cheek.
Oh lord!
This is so not going to happen.
I looked up at Sugar and she winked at me, smiling.
What's up with her and winks?
She did the shift thing again, and her hips brushed my cheek again!
I closed my eyes, as i swallowed hard.
God.. mom you have to talk now!
or else im getting a hard-on in the next minute!
“Ehm..” She finally spoke!
We looked at her.
“..Sugar stay with Kelly for a minute. I want to see the doctor. I'll be back but you can go if i take too long ok.” She said to her.
I rolled my eyes.
Mom wanna leave me here with this temptation?
I looked at please mom don't go naw..
Mom smiled at me, “Kelly stay cool with Sugar. She is such a lovely girl..”
That was all she said and then walked out.
Oh lord!
help me.
“I really admire your mom. I love her so much.” Sugar said immediately my mom left.
I was glad she had stop the touching thing.
“Really?” I asked. Trying hard not to let that hip brush over my cheek again.
“Yeah. We met two weeks ago, on a celebration party that i went with my parents. And when your mom saw me, she was so happy. The way she hugged me, Pecked me. And appreciated my beauty and elegance was so charming.” She said.
I know my mom!
That one isn't a new thing.
She does that to every female she meets.
And without wasting time, would introduce them to me.
“Wow..” I said.
“Then she told me about you.. Showed me your pictures and i think i immediately liked you.” She said as she looked at me. her eyes charming.
I opened my mouth to speak but what do i say?
I have nothing i could say right then.
I was speechless.
First time, a woman made me speechless.
She smiled sweetly at me,“Kelly, you need rest now.. So im gonna leave you to rest a little more.” She said and kissed me on my forehead.
This girl is really something else.
She's just too sweet!
She stood up and turned to leave.
But hell!
I can't just let her leave.
I think i like her.
I think i like Sugar.
She is really so charming and had just charmed me with her beauty and manners just the way she charmed my mother..
“Sugar..” I called.
“Yea?” She turned.
“Thanks for coming.” I said.
Was that what i wanted to say anyway?
She rolled her eyes, “Not again! Kelly.” She said and we laughed.
“Okay, im sorry.” I apologised.
She smiled, followed by another wink.
Like seriously?
“And i gotta tell you something.” I said.
“What is that?”
“That you've got a very sweet name. And that you're really gorgeous.” I said, smiling.
She smiled more. “Thank you..”
“Can we meet some other time? Like when im fully okay.?” I asked, making out the best smile i could ever make.
“Of cos.” She said.
“Thank you. Please can i have your contact?” I said.
But then i remembered i have no phone on me.
I had not retrieve my phone from my mom!
“Sorry, i'm not with my phones here. Can you have mine?” I asked.
“Yeah, sure.” She said.
*Rose's point of view*
“Ah, Aunty Caro. Welcome.” I said immediately i opened my door for my sad face Aunty.
“My dear niece. Thank you.” She said and stepped in.
Aunty Caro is indeed a beautiful woman. Tall and chocolate complexioned. Beautiful and richly endowned.
She is a classic woman.
She was on a pink slim-sleeved dress with cute pink sandals and a milk-coloured bag and they matched well to her beauty.
When she was fully in, she immediately slumped into the only sofa in my room.
“Aunty Aunty.. Howfar nah?” I asked as i sat on a small glass table, facing her.
“Na so my dear niece. Na so i take see am.” She said.
“Nawa o.. So whey your car na?” I asked.
“I took a taxi.. A drop. Im too frustrated to drive abeg.” She said.
You never start!
“Eyaah.. What can i offer you?” I asked. Like say i have everything.
“Abeg i no get appetite.” She waved it off.
“Eyaah.. But what did you say exactly happened?” I asked, faking a concerned face.
“My dear, it's a long story! Immediately was in lagos.. At the airport.. I began phoning Kelly to come pick me up.. But he wasn't answering his calls. After trying so many times and he wasn't still picking, i walked down to the airport eatery and sat down there. Then that was when i called you. After we spoke, i kept calling his lines. But he wasn't picking. God! I no fit remember the uncountable times i call Kelly's line before it was picked! I was so happy when it did. I don already dey hala him why he he wasn't picking my calls when i heard a woman's voice. His mother. Babe come see insult! I was humiliated. Abeg i no wan remember am at all.”
That serves you right!
“Nawao.. So his mother actually told you that Kelly has a fiance and would be getting married soon?” I asked her.
“Yes o. She told me, “Go to hell! who ever you are. My son is engaged and his wedding is around the corner.” And then his lines became switched off till now” She said.
Good for you!
“Nawa oh. But seriously that guy's really handsome i swear!” I said.
The guy was really handsome in his pictures which she sent to me on WhatsApp.
“Yeah. I liked that guy. He was so sweet on phone, in our chats! I wanted to meet him so badly but God! i can't believe i didn't. He fooled me.”
Now, i felt for her so I walked over to her and sat beside her as i put my hand on her shoulder.
“Aunty..It' okay. You see, you are a very beautiful and rich woman, please stop chasing all this young guys and calm down. You need a matured man.” I said calmly to her.
She frowned, “Abeg Rose. This is not why i am here. Don't even lecture me now!”
“Aunty please think about it. It's just an advice” I said.
“To hell with your advice girl! You ain't any better here. You should first think about your boyfriend who obviously had abandoned your sorry ass!!” She fired.
Did she just tell me that?
Did she just say that to me?
I felt pained,
Tears gathered in my eyes.
“You shouldn't have said that to me Aunty.” I said, letting the tears flow.
“Oh well! applause my dear niece. U think im the only one who need an advice right? My dear, better no say your own worse pass my own.” She said.
“That's a lie! My own is never the worse!” I defended.
“Oya tell me how make i hear.” She said, letting out a mocking laugh.
“I don't have to exchange words with you Aunty.” I said and walked out.
Just as i walked away, I heard her yell,
“Kelly, so you have the mind to text me!!”

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