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Wednesday, 31 October 2018

MY PERSONAL TASTE (18+) Episode 9

#The_next day
at 10:30am*
*Kelly's point of view*
I opened my eyes, to see myself in a strange room, on a bed with blues curtains everywhere.
Then I saw a plumpy fair lady in a white coat, smiling at me with her hands in her coat-pockets. Her stethoscope over her neck.
A doctor?
I tried turning but my head hurts.
I saw strings attached into my right hand.
I gasped.
I was taking a drip.
I was in a hospital.
What happened to me?
Where is Caroline?
We were suppose to be together now..
Where is my phone?
“Hello Mr Kelly Ejifor. I'm doctor Matilda.How do you feel now?” She said to me, smiling.
What's making her smile anyway?
I stayed silent.
“It's okay.. You'll be fine.”
Just then my mom walked in..
She was just on a casual yellow gown.
“Ah, Thank God you are awake Kelly. God have saved you.. Doctor thank you so much!” She said as she reached down and touched my head gently.. I groaned lightly. There felt painful and seemed it's bandaged.
I looked at my mom.
She smiled at my mom, “He is okay. As you can see he's awake now.. Just the pains on that side of his head and ocassional headache..” She said.
“Mrs Roseline, please see me at my office when you're done talking with your son. And... After the drip, he is good to go. He'll be discharged this evening.. Please once he's done taking the drip, He needs to eat.” She said.
“Okay doctor. Thank you.” Mom said to her.
“See you later Mr Kelly” She said and left.
“Mom, why are my here?” I asked.
She laughed.
“Really?” She asked, giving me a funny look.
“You are here because i went to your house and saw you laying on the kitchen floor and bleeding from your head. You can't remember what happpened? Or have you lost your memory too? Wait let me call the doctor.” She said, getting up.
“Wait wait mom.” I called.
“You remember?” She asked.
“Yeah i do.” I said.
I remember that i slipped and fell there on the kitchen floor.
So mom came to my house.
“Mom what's the time now?” I asked.
Caroline must be waiting for me!
“It's ten minutes to eleven o'clock in the morning.” She said,.
That's a lie.
“And today is Monday sweetie.” She added.
Oh no!
“Oh no, oh no..” I said sadly.
“What is it?” Mom asked, looking at me.
I've messed up! Caroline has gone back!
“I missed the meeting!” I lied.
She laughed, “You know Kelly, you can't lie to me. I'm your mother. You were expecting someone right? That one must be special.”
“No.. Not at all..” I said.
God i've messed up real bad!
“So why did i met your house looking so clean and sparkling?
And how about calls from Caroline and her text messages?” She asked, giving me a smirk.
“Mom did you pick her call?” I asked.
I know what my mom can do!
“Yeah i had to, after over hundred missed calls. She's the one you were tidying up your house for, including the kitchen?” She asked, laughing.
“Mom what did you tell her?”
“Oh Son, ofcos you should know!” She said.
“That im in a hospital bed!?” I yelled.
“No,That my son has a fiance and would be getting married soon.” She said, beaming with smiles.
“What? Fiance?” I yelled, not believing it.
“Which fucking fiance?”
“Miss Sugar Coker ofcos.” She said.
“Fuck! Mom.” I yelled, and tried to sit up but my head hurts bad!
“Stop that child! You don't use such foul words around your mother.” She said, frowning.
“You should be thanking your God that i came to your house on time. Or else i won't want to think of what would have happened to you.” She said.
So mom came?
“But mom i thought i told you not to come.” I said.
“What!? Kelly you should be thanking God that i came and saved you!”
She was right!
“Okay mom. Im happy you did. I'm sorry.” I apologised.
“That is it! Kelly you see what i've been telling you! but you think you are so smarter and wiser!!”
She was shouting again!
Oh my head!
“Mom calm down. Im having headache.”
“Oh that's true son. Sorry.” She said calmly.
“Thank you.”
“You see one of the reasons why you need a househelp? To have Someone in your house?” She said.
“Mom i don't need househelps.” I said.
“Kelly you do! What if i never came yesterday? What do you think would have happened! God im so grateful. You know what you mean to me Kelly.” She said. I saw tears gather in her eyes.
“Mom” I said softly.
I hated to see my mom in tears.
“Thank you for saving me.” I said.
She smiled. “I love you son.”
But i still needed to know why she came.
“But mom why did you come.”
She frowned.
“Sorry, i mean. There was a reason for your coming right?”
She stayed silent for some time.
“Well, Then on friday when i called you. I wanted to come to your house so we could discuss about Sugar, but then when you said you were going on a very important business, on a sunday. I got curious. I know you were lying. So i decided that i'll come but you won't know about it.” She said.
I gasped.
This woman played games on me?
What if i never slipped and she met Caroline in my house.
I somehow began thanking God for making that water pour and allowing me to slip!
“When i got to your house..” She began.
*Mrs Roseline Ejifor's point of view*


It was around five minutes to eleven o'clock when i got to Kelly's house.
I got to the door and was about to press the doorbell button, but then decided against doing that.
“I'll only make my presence known to him by doing so.” I said.
Instead, i pushed the door and luckily it wasn't locked.
I smiled.
“He really thought i won't be here. Kelly thinks he can fool me, his mother.”
I walked gently, making sure the Mule heel i wore made no form of noise.
“Oh my God!” quickly escaped my lips when i saw how beautiful his sitting-room was looking.
Who could be this girl that Kelly brought to his house?
Well, who ever it may be, i won't take it easy with her. Kelly is getting married soon. To Sugar. And the sooner he knows that, the better for him!
I dropped my handbag in a couch and started to walk up the stairs.
I took my steps carefully to avoid being noticed.
When i got to his room. I stopped just at the door.
To think.
What are my even trying to do?
Walk into my son's sex scene?
How would he feel if i do that?
I know i'm his mother but doing this could make him feel really bad and horrible.
*I shook my head.
What do i do?
But i can't just go back. I need to know who's the girl Kelly is messing up now.
Then an idea came in.
Yes, If there is a sex scene going on in this room, then there should be voices.
I smiled, Oh Roseline, you shouldn't be thinking all this.
I listened carefully, bringing my ears to the the door.
I heard nothing.
Or have she not come?
Or is Kelly out?
Was he saying the truth about the meeting?
No he can't be. He can't leave the ouside door open.
Then he's obviously in this house!
But where!
In his room, sleeping?
I'll have to open this door.
And i did.
I shut my eyes as i did, to avoid seeing anything.
But i heard no voices.
I quickly opened my eyes, and saw no Kelly. No body!
I walked to his bathsuite, no Kelly.
Where is this boy!
Well, he must be in the kitchen then.
“Kelly! Kelly!” I called aloud as i began walking to his kitchen.
But there was silent.
“Kelly!” I countinued calling.
No answer.
Everywhere was silent and cold.
I got scared.
So I rushed over to his kitchen.
“Jesus Christ! Kelly!” I screamed as i met my son helplessly down on the wet kitchen floor, his head bleeding.

*Back to Kelly's point of view*
“...I then quickly called Frank my driver to drive down to your house, and that is how we brought your stubborn self here!” She concluded.
“Oh God. I'm so grateful mom.. Thank you.”
I suddenly became so grateful she came.
I wanted to hug her.
To kiss her cheeks and show her how happy and lucky i am to have her as my mom..
“Thank you so much mom.”
“Kelly, the thank you i need from you is grandchildren.” She said.
She have started again.
“Mom. You will soon have them. As many as you want. Just calm down ok.” I said.
“Ofcos son. You and Sugar will soon give me beautiful grand children.” She said.
What's up with her and Sugar sef?
“Mom. I have tol...”
“Shhh” She cut in. “Don't say anything. And for your information, Sugar will soon be here.”
“Why mom?”
“I told her.” She said.
“You did what?” I couldn't believe it.. “Hell! mom what concerns Sugar in this? We've not even met before and you want us to meet this way? You want her to see me on this hospital bed. With my head bandaged?”
“Calm down dear... Oh she's here already” She said as we saw Sugar walk in elegantly.
Mom was right.
She is a godess!
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