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Sunday, 30 September 2018


Written by _ Cynthia chi Godwin 
Destiny sat outside while Sonia walked to him 
"I'm ready"
"Let's go then"
"Where are we going" she asked squeezing her dress 
"Not yet" Sonia obeyed and followed him out, they where walking side by side, Sonia was not feeling comfortable but she pretended.
They finally arrived at the beach, Sonia became more confused as she saw Fred 
"Fred wants to speak with you"
"Yes Sonia and I want to speak with you"
"I have to excuse you guys" he left, he sat bait far from them, he was staring at them 
"So what are we talking about"
"Sonia, frankly speaking, I'm in love with you, I don't know how else to prove my love, I can't think straight anymore, please give me the chance in your life"
"Like I said earlier, I'm not interested, if that is what you wants to tell me, I think I'm done" Sonia turned and started walking fast 
"Wait Sonia let me take you home"
"Thank you" Sonia got to Destiny and passed without taking to him 
"watch your step Sonia!!" he grabbed her hand, Sonia looked down and saw a hole 
"You should be careful"
"Thank you, I have to go"
"Okay, I will take you home" they both started going 
"Why did you bring me for him"
"He pleaded with me" Sonia kept quiet 
"Why don't you want to accept him"
"Because I don't love him, and I don't need a boyfriend, boys are so annoying"
"Including me?"
"I did not say that but maybe"
"Just follow your heart, you knew that you are like a sister to me"
"Thank you"
"Besides do you love someone else?"
"No!" Sonia replied squeezing her face 
"Please I don't want to see that your funny face" he started laughing 
"Let's be fast because my mother will be worried"
"Give me your hand, is dark already" he held her hand, his hand was so worm, Sonia was lost in dream world, she never wants to let go of him, she found herself falling in love with him 
"This can't happen" she spoke out dragging her hand out 
"What?, what did you say?" Sonia tried looking up at him but they eyes met, they kept staring at each other until Sonia braked the silent 
"Let's go home, please"
"Yes" Destiny replied with a calm voice still holding her hand, they started walking home. 
Destiny was coming out from his room and met Sonia at sitting room dusting the chairs 
"Good morning" she replied without looking up 
"How are you today"
"I'm fine"
"Are you not going to school today?"
"I will but I have to finish up"
"Alright then, I will help you out"
"But.. "
"No argument"
"Okay let me go back to the kitchen, thanks" going inside the kitchen 
"Hurry up!!"
"Okay!" Destiny started smiling at nothing until Ann entered the sitting room 
"Destiny?, what are you doing?"
"Good morning Nanny, I'm trying to help"
"please be careful"
"I will" Ann left looking surprised.
Mary sat alone outside the class when Sonia walked to her looking happy 
"Sonia, what are you smiling at"
"Never mind, is nothing" she sat down 
"Don't tell me that, have you accepted Fred"
"Come on talk to me, my ears are inching me"
"I think that I'm in love with Destiny"
"You have entered into the real dream world, do you think that he loves you?"
"Whatever it is, my heart goes for him"
"Let go and eat something" they stood up and started going, they saw Destiny talking with Charlie, Sonia left Mary and returned to their class looking uncomfortable.
To be continued. 

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