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Sunday, 30 September 2018


Meanwhile, Anayo had reached the spot where he left the others and he was surprised not to see them.
He screamed out their names on top of his voice but didn’t receive any answers.
All he heard were struggling sounds coming from the traps the others had set.
He dropped the strings went closer to the traps.
Almost all the traps had something hanging on them which meant that they had left there for over an hour.
“Where can these guys be”? He asked himself.
He went ahead and collected the animals from the traps and set the easy ones again.
He arranged them in his bag and went under the orange tree to wait for others.
“We need to figure something out”, Ada said as she started crying again.
“Help!!!” Obi screamed.
“It’s okay Obi, nobody can hear us down here”, Chika said.
“We just have to wait for whoever dug this thing to come back”, Ifeanyi said.
Just then, Nkechi remembered Anayo
“What do you think will happen to Anayo?” She asked.
“That’s true; we totally forgot about him”, Ada answered.
“I’m sure he’ll be safe “, Ifeanyi said.
“He probably should be back by now”, Chika added.
“He will be worried if he doesn’t see us under the orange tree”, Nkechi said.
“Don’t worry, he’ll be safe and so are we”, Obi said.
They all sat on the bare ground under the pit and waited patiently for any help that might come their way.
Soon enough, they all fell asleep as if nothing had happened to them.
It was already getting dark and Obi couldn’t sleep anymore because he was being beaten by hunger.
He had thought the hunting would have ended on time and he would have gone home to eat. But the reverse was the case.
They couldn’t sleep anymore and fear began to creep into their hearts.
“It’s getting dark and we are still here”, Nkechi said with unhappily.
Ada stood up crying, “In case anything happens to us, I just want to tell you guys that I love you and I’ll never forget our time together”, she said sadly.
“Don’t worry, nothing’s going to happen to us”, Nkechi said.
“But seriously, I really enjoyed our time together and I’m very happy that I have good friends like you”, Obi said sadly.
Their faces were all sad as if they would never see each other again.
“I will be very heart broken if I don’t have the opportunity to see you again”, Chika added.
They all hugged each other sobbing.


Anayo was getting scared as everywhere was becoming dark. He decided to run back to Sule to inform him that he couldn’t find the others.
He ran with all his power until he reached Sule’s place.
Out of breath, “Papa!!!” he shouted.
“Yes Anayo, what happened?” Sule asked.
“The others”, Anayo said.
“Yes, what happened to them”, Sule asked worried.
“I didn’t see them for the past eight hours and it’s already getting dark”, Anayo answered
“That’s strange, they should be back by now”, Sule said.
“What are we going to do”, Anayo asked.
“I’m coming, let me get my cutlass and lantern”, Sule answered as he entered his hut.

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