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Saturday, 22 September 2018


“Help!!!” They all continued screaming until they all became tired.
Ada started crying uncontrollably, “What’s going to happen now?”
“Don’t worry, help is going to come”, Obi consoled her.
“What are we going to do now please,” Nkechi asked sadly.
“We just have to hang in here till help comes”, Ifeanyi said.
“So we’ll just stay here for a magic to happen right?” Ada asked angrily.
“Calm down Ada, we are all in this together”. Obi said.
“Keep quiet!!” Nkechi yelled at Obi. “This is all your fault”, she continued.
“My fault?” Obi yelled back angrily.
“I told everybody to stop chasing the useless antelope but you kept on encouraging us to keep chasing it”, She yelled back.
“So you are going to be passing blames now right?” Obi asked.
“Of course, you caused this whole incidence because of your desperate and selfish interest to catch an antelope”, Nkechi yelled back.
“So why did you keep on chasing it too when you know we are getting too deep?” Obi asked.
“I did it because we are a team”, Nkechi answered.
“Will you guys just shut up?” Ifeanyi yelled at the top of his voice.
“We can’t be quarrelling with ourselves when we have a serious problem before us”, He continued.
“You guys should just stop and lets figure this out as a team”, Chika added.
Turning to Ifeanyi, “You are the boss here, so what do we do?” Chika asked.
Looking up, “This pit is too deep for a hunter to set as a trap for animals”, Ifeanyi answered.
“What do you mean?” Nkechi asked.
“This pit is too deep and wide for just an animal to be trapped”, Ifeanyi continued.
“The hunter even covered it with weak dry woods and leaves”, Obi added.
“He’s aiming for a larger number and bigger of what we don’t know”, Chika added.
“And what can that be?” Ada asked.
“Which large animals do you think walk in groups in this forest?” Obi asked everyone.
“We haven’t entered this forest this far before; so we can’t really tell”, Chika answered.
“What about cows?” Ada asked.
“Cows are not wild animals, they are being reared by the herdsmen”, Ifeanyi answered.
“So why on earth will they dig this kind of pit”? Nkechi asked worried.

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