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Wednesday, 5 September 2018

Quit Smoking Before Smoking Quits You


One fine morning, Edward’s five year old daughter Mary is sitting very dull in the garden!

Edward was reading headlines in the morning newspaper, while smoking a cigarette.

Her mother Elizabeth called both of them for breakfast.

No one responded, as they were busy in their thoughts.

She came to garden & found them and approached her daughter.

Elizabeth: Honey! Why didn’t you come for breakfast!?

*She didn’t reply and still sitting sadly*

Elizabeth: Honey! Is everything okay!? Why are you so sad!?

Mary: *Bewildered* Mummy, I am sad about papa that he will leave us both very soon!

Elizabeth: Why Mary? Did he say anything to you?

Mary: No mummy! Papa is very good. But, Momma…..

Elizabeth: But?

*Meanwhile, Ram is listening to their conversation, lightning the second cigarette*

Mary: Mummy, you know my friend Ziya right? Yesterday her father fought with biggest devil and gets defeated!!
Elizabeth: *Shocked…* What Mary? I could not understand. What devil & defeat? Could you elaborate it further?

Mary: *Starts crying..* Mummy, Ziya is not coming to school from last one week. His father used to smoke cigarettes daily and a devil inside him is growing every time he lights a cigarette. Her mother said to him to stop him smoking. But, he didn’t listen to her. *gasping heavily…* He keep on smoking and the devil keeps on growing faster and it became very big one day and defeated him yesterday and he left Ziya and his family.

Elizabeth: May I know what is the name of the Devil?

Mary: *sobbing profusely…* Ziya said that its name is “Cancer”!!

*Tears filled in the eyes of Edward  and Elizabeth*

*The Cigarette dropped involuntarily from Edward fingers…*

Edward came running towards his daughter and hugged her tightly!

Edward: *wiping tears of his daughter* No Honey! Don’t cry! I will never leave you both! Never!!

Mary: Will you give me a word papa?

Edward: Sure Honey! Anything for me?

Mary: I want you forever papa. Will you give me a word that you will stop smoking & win against the devil for me and momma. Please papa pleaseeeee?

*Edward thinks for a moment…*

Edward: Sure Honey. I will never touch any cigarette here after! This is my word to you and momma!!

*Ram & family lived happily thereafter*

*Happy ending*

Quit smoking before smoking quits you!

#Think of your beloved, before you touch your next cigarette!
#Be like Edward!
#You live only once!
#So, Live healthy! Live happily!!
Thanks for your time.

NB: Smoking spares no one from my religion/gender/nationality/color or anything! I repeat no one ! It doesn’t have dumb reservations like we have in our education system, to get spared ! if you do it, you are no more. It's that clear. So, don’t be the one!!

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