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Sunday, 30 September 2018

MY PERSONAL TASTE (18+) Episode 4

*Rose's point of view continues*

“Wow. I'm happy for you dear Aunty.” I said. Ofcos there was no way i was happy with the way she live her life. She needed to stop all this trash and see if she would meet a matured man who would ignore her past and marry her.
“Thank you niece. Rosy, so tell me, where are you going to?”
My mood immediately changed. I became sad.
“Rose, where you dey go? Na you tell me say you wan go out.”
“To see a close friend of Jonny.” I said.
“Close friend?”
“For what?” She asked and I shut my eyes.
I didn't want to tell her this.
She would blast me.
“Rose, say something.” Her voice was calm. It was unusual and so I decided to tell her.
“I want to go meet Jonny's friend to ask him for Jonny's address in Lagos. I've decided to go and pay him a visit. But i don't know his address.” I said and bit my lower lip hard, as I waited to hear the loudest criticizing laugh from her, and yeah she did.
She laughed at me.
She laughed at my stupidity..
My foolishness..
“Ah Rose. This is so funny!” She said, laughing hard. As i jxt closed my eyes, trying hard not to cry.
“You see your life? So you don't know Jonny's address right now, asin you don't?”
“Yes i don't. And he's lines are unreachable for two weeks now.” I said.
She instantly stopped laughing.
“Wetin you just talk?” She asked obviously in shock.
“For two weeks now Aunty.” I said almost in tears, “I'm scared as hell. What if he's in trouble? What if something bad has happened to him?”
“Rose abeg abeg stop this. Nothing has happened to that Jonny. That guy is trying to play pranks. You need to get his address fast. Don't worry about Tfare, i will give you that.” She said.
“We'll talk later.” I said,wiping my tears.
“Yeah. Take care of yourself. Love you.” She said.
“I will.. love you.” I said.


“Hello Stanley” I said immediately i stepped into Stanley's pharmacy shop. He was prescribing some drugs to an elderly woman.
“Good afternoon ma.” I greeted the elderly woman.
“Good afternoon my daughter.” She greeted back as she took a look at me and smiled.
I smiled back.
“Wow, Rose. Longest time!” Stanley screamed.
“Yeah yeah. Wow it's so cool and big here now.” I said, taking my eyes around his well ventilated shop.
“Rose, please sit down. I wonder what brought the unvisiting queen to my humble shop today.” He said laughing.
“Jesus, Stanley this is unfair o, so you mean i've never visited you before eh?”
“Ah Rose.. It's been ages you did that. Just one hundred and fifty naira from that your side to my place for a bus, that is what have been giving you so much difficulty to do. Thank God for today oh.Welcome.”
I laughed, “Thank you sha.” I replied.
“What will I offer you?” He asked, smiling.
“Anything” I said, smiling too.


Soon the elderly woman left.
And stanley came and sat beside me in the long bench.
He had already offered me something.
“Stanley” I called as i took a zip from the Malt stanley offered me and then dropped it on the table beside.
“What is it Rose?” He questioned.
“It's about Jonny.” I said.
“Jonny your boyfriend?” He asked. He seemed suprised.
“Yes. Have you heard from him lately?” I asked.
“Well, it was two months ago..” He said.
I looked at him.
“Yes. Jonny and I hadn't spoken for two months now. Hope there's no problem?” He asked.
I sighed deeply.
“It's okay. Stanley I need your help.”
“What help?” He asked.
“I need Jonny's address. I need to go and pay him a visit over there.”
“Wow, Rose you mean, you don't have your boyfriend's Address in lagos?” He asked, astonished.
I felt embarrased so I hid my face, “Yes.” I said calmly.
“Wow, that's bad Rose, you know.” He said
“Yeah I know. I should have been wise enough to ask him for it. Just that I never needed it all those times. But right now i do. I feel so bad. And i can't bear it, his lines are unreachable!”
I cried out.
“It's okay. Calm down” He said touching my shoulder.
“Do you have his address or not?” I asked.
“Rose i'm sorry, I don't have it. Jonny told me he leaves in Lekki but he never mentioned where. and i never asked. Maybe you should go ask Harry.” He said.
I shut my eyes as tears came flowing down my cheeks.
“Oh stop. Rose you know Jonny is a nice guy and would never think of hurting you.”
God! How can I not think of such?
“No problem. Thank you.” I said as i wiped my tears with my hankerchief.
Then I stood up. “I'll be going now.”
“Alright Rose, take care of yourself okay.” He said
I nodded and left..


As i got to the road and waited for a tricycle to take me home. I thought about Harry.
I contemplated on going to his house.
If there was one person who knows how to get someone's deepest secret with tricks, Harry is that one person.
Harry is so tricky, full of pranks.
Sure he would want to know all about Jonny and his lagos travel.
Harry should know.
I could bet he asked Jonny his address and Jonny would give him, ofcos.
Now what do I do?
I hated this guy and don't want to see him for anything.
But how do I locate Jonny if I travel to Lagos.
I needed to go to Jonny before Lady B arrests me.
Jonny have to do something.
I would go see Harry.
I would have to swallow my silly pride and do just that!
*My phone rang*
It was Lady B calling..
I ignored it.
But it kept coming, so i switched off my phone.
Fuck you!
The sun was getting too hot now.
Is Keke this scarce here.
I've been standing here for over fifteen minutes without seeing a single passing one.
Well i'll have no other choice than walk to Harry's house this hot afternoon..
But luckily, I saw a keke coming.
“You dey reach First Street?” I asked.
“Yes.” The Keke guy replied.
“How much?” I deeply prayed it won't be more than hundred naira.
“Hundred naira” He said.
Oh thank God!


As i got to Harry's place. I immediately covered my nose because the first thing that welcomed me was dreadful smell from the gutters around.
I wanted to throw up immediately.
First street is the dirtiest street i've ever seen in this state.
Oh God!
This street is over populated, Filled with cult gangs and almost everyone here lives a ghetto life and all this was what gave the street the name, “First Street”
I wonder why it have to be first street anyway,
Bad things will always like to come first.
I chuckled.
I got to his residence, A face-me-i-face-you apartment, with old faded paint and rusted zinc.
I got confused. He wasn't outside and i know not his room.
Luckily I saw a small boy, with a torn jean and no shirt, riding a tyre towards where i was and so i called him,
“Hey bobo. Whatsup? Shey you know Harry?”
The boy stopped and stared at me for some seconds before throwing the question, “Who you be?”
“I be friend to Harry. Abeg come show me his room. I no know” I said.
The boy laughed, “You be him friend, but you no know him mansion..See you nah. You think say you fit lie for me abi?”
“Abeg no vex, just come show me.” I said.
The boy is a headache.
“Oya throw me something na.” He said stretching forth his hand.
“What?” I asked, probably not what i am thinking.
“Give me money for my service. Everything na business.” The boy said and i looked at him in astonishment. Such a little boy not even up to eight years old.
“Okay. no problem!” I said and searched my bag.
“Five Zero Zero na the pin.” He said.
I looked at him sternly.
“You mean five hundred naira?!” I exclaimed.
“Eh. you dey give? I don dey go now oh.”
“Ehm, Bobo just manage hundred naira jor. Na the only money wey me i get here. no vex” I said and he thought for a while before collecting it.
“Na the last door.. That one wey dey down down for dere..” He said.
I thanked him.
When i got to the last door and was about to knock, I heard sounds..
It was two voices,
One is Harry's and the other one is a female voice, a small girl's voice.
The female is begging, while Harry is telling her to keep quiet..But she keeps on begging.
They seem to be struggling.
Seems the girl is fighting to be free, because Harry just said he would kill her if she don't keep cool now!
And Harry will do it!
He could.
I will have to knock now!
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