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Friday, 14 September 2018

MY PERSONAL TASTE (18+) Episode 2

I pounded away...


Hard and fast as she screamed my name along, begging me to slow down but i wasn't such a good listener as i continued to fuck her brains off.
Why would she beg me to stop huh?
When she had come to my house looking like a slut.
“Hi, My name is Tina. Your mom invited me to your house.” She had said immediately i opened the door. She was looking so hot and i couldn't just resist.
“You look so beautiful and hot!” I had said, taking in all her beauty and endowment, almost ripping her skimpy dress off with my hungry eyes.
She had smiled, “Thank you. I'm happy you noticed.” She said.
“God! who wouldn't. Such a beauty.” I said and she blushed.
Now, she was on my bed, with her legs spread out and watching me give her the best fuck i guess she had never had.
I grabbed her bossoms and went hard and she gasped, bitting her lower lip.
I bet she was enjoying it,
But i was enjoying it more.
I tilted my head back as i felt myself getting close.
And soon after few hard stroke into her, I came inside her.
Fuck!, no, into the condom..
As a playguy I never fuck without using condom.
Well, my mom wants me to get married, and give her grand children
but hell!
im not yet ready for all that shit!
Marriage is like a lifetime jell to me and i never wanna go there.
Besides, no girl that i've ever met had given me that feeling of loving someone, though i've never given one chance to.
All i do is,
get them today,
fuck them today,
throw them out today..
The only things i love in this life is Money
and Sex.
I can't stand a day without fucking someone,..
Sex is like a doctor's prescription to me.
One in the morning,
One in the afternoon,
And one in the night.
My mom? Well she's the only woman i love now,
She is nice, caring and troublesome too.
And i love her too much, i mean too very much because she brings me beautiful ladies all the time, with the hope of me picking one for a wife,
But fuck it! Those ladies are always too hot. And i can't stop myself from having a taste of each one that show up.
But what baffles me is that, none of them had ever refused my advances.
Well, which lady would ever refuse my advances when i have all that it takes to get a lady into my bed in just a second,
Oh, don't think im exaggerating. I got all that.
“I love you Kelly” She said as we laid down,.after the hot sex.
I smiled at her, Acknowledging her stupidity.
She smiled back as she caressed my chest, propabably thinking I appreciate her love.
Fuck love!
In few minutes, I'll be throwing your damn ass outta my house.
“Mommy said i'll make a good wife for you.” She said again.
I looked at her
Like seriously?
“And I can't just wait.” She said. Smiling and shrugged her shoulder.
She was full of hope and dream.
“I can't wait to be your wife..” She continued.
I chuckled.
Sure mom didn't tell this one too about me sha.
I decided to play along.
“Are you serious?” I asked, grinning.
“Yeah, I wanna be your wife.” She said.
Desperate chick? I thought, holding back the laughter that was about to burst out.
“Wow” I said,
“Kelly, You said you love me and i'm so happy you do. You know, You said it was Love at first sight. I was so on cloud when you said that to me.”
God! I couldn't hold back the laughter this time, so I let it burst out.
“Why're you laughing?” She asked, confused.
I laughed to my satisfaction.
“Well, I wasn't saying the truth back then. I only did to get what i want, which is this body.” I said, pointing at her body.
“What?!” She exclaimed.
“Yeah, You should have asked my mom some few things before coming here.” I said as I got out of the bed and headed to the bathroom.
“Some things like what?” She asked.
“Things like, I don't know what's that fucking word called love. And now, I don't like the idea of you still here in my house. Kindly get up, get dressed and get your cheap ass outta my house this minute before i'm out of here.”
This was always my way of throwing each and every one of then out after I was done with them.
“Kelly, You can't be serious. Just after having sex with me?” I could feel the pain in her voice.
“Yeah, I just fucked you and im done with your black bleached ass. Get lost!”
“Oh no, oh no, that's a big joke Kelly, I'm not going anywhere. How can i give you my body this minute and you throw me out within the next minute?” She was in tears now.
But i didn't give a damn about her tears.
They meant nothing to me.
She was the slut.
She came to my house dressing so hot!
So tempting,
What should i have done?
Ignore my burning desire to save those fucking tears flowing now?
For all i care, let it fucking flow.
I've never cared about tears.
Ever since Kate died, I've never did!
“Kelly I'm not leaving! not after having sex with me. It's not even been up to an hour!” Tina continued to rant.
“Well, you wanted it. Next time. don't go to a man's house dressing like a cheap whore. And one more, Don't ever believe in love at first sight.”
“Fuck you Kelly! I dressed this way just to appear good enough in your eyes and i was happy when you appreciated it. Kelly is this how you do? How many girls have you done this to? How many of them have you broken their heart?”
I chuckled as I remembered how I have complimented her at the door few hours ago.
That was just to lure her into my bed
Just like i do to others.
“Now, don't let me meet you there!” I warned.
But when i came out, she was there, but all dressed up now with her hands akimbo.
“Leave” I said.
“Kelly, are you seriously throwing me outta your house?”
“Yeah ofcos, what else are my doing? This is my house you know that.” I said, giving her a mocking stare.
“God! Kelly you are such a monster. Anyway we shall see!” She cursed and stormed out.
I followed her, just to make sure she really did left.
“You no go see better, You think say you fit dump me like that after you don chop my toto finish, Na God go punish you. I go do midnight prayer for your head, you go suffer for this life. Ah Tina you don see something for this life sef, because of Husband. Chai!” She ranted and finally left.
I fell on the couch as I laughed hard.
So she could actually speak pigin, and she've been claiming oyibo.
I wonder where my mom saw this one.
“Ah, mom you won't kill me!” I exclaimed.
My mom, is such a sweet mother,..
You wanna know more about me?
Okay then,
My name is Kelly Ejifor, a twenty-eight years old Wealthy and handsome bachelor who Studied Business administration.
My dad, Chief Ben Ejifor died four years ago, now i control my dad's business and companies.
I'm the only child, although i had a twinie, but death took her away fifteen years ago.
She was so special to me..
Well, i don't wanna remember the past for now.
I have my own mansion.
The only woman i love now is my mom, Mrs Roseline Ejifor.
I know readers would like to know why i dislike love and marriage, why sex is like a daily meal to me.
Well you'll soon find out.
*My phone rang*
I checked the caller, Sweet mom.
My mom was calling. I know she would, the foolish girl had told her already.
I picked up.
“Hello momsy” I said, smiling. I know what was coming.
“Oh you sinful son!..” She shouted.
Ofcos i knew mom.
Her shouts could block ears.
She continued, “... You sinful child!, what have you done again this time!! Oh holy Mary mother of Jesus!!”
“Mom calm down, let me explain” I said, trying to calm her down. I was having headache already.
“Excuse me young man, let me talk sense into your skull!” She ordered.
She always do, by screaming my head off!
“Ok ma” I gave up.
“What rubbish have you done to a lady i invited to your house Kelly. Must you have sex with every lady i bring to you. Must you put that incurable madness, you call a penis into every girl that I bring to you to pick? And to mark it worst, throw them out immediately after! This is madness Kelly!!”
“Mom, it isn't my fault. She came to my house dressing like a slut nah.”
“Will you Shut that dirty trash you call a mouth up! Even if she dressed like a nun, you will still get that...”
“Mom” I said.
“Kelly, this girl came to my house in tears, telling me you threw her out of your house immediately after having sex with her. Sex is not food my son. Stop this your outrageous way and get a wife. Get married and give me grandchildren. Or is it when i join your father that you will come back to your senses eh?
Biko nwa m, i beg you. Don't keep reminding me of your dead sister. I'm sure if she's alive, i won't be begging you for grandchildren.”
I shut my eyes,
“Mom, im sorry.” I said.
“Sorry for yourself!” She said and the call dropped.
I just stood up from the couch, leaving my phone. And went upstairs, to my room, to have some sleep.
To just sleep!
I needed it anyway!.
Wow, now you guys have gotten to know about Who this Kelly Ejifor is, Should we call him a sex addict?
Having sex with every female that comes into his home.
hmm, He don't believe in love talk more of marriage.
I wonder what made him so?

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