Friday, 21 September 2018


Sure you have to. Good luck my sister. She responded happily. I poured a glass of juice onto a tray and climbed the stairs to Theo's room. When I was about knocking, I heard whispering voices. Aaahh, who is in Theo's room? The entire family have gone out for dinner, so who could it be? I thought. I quickly got a bit closer and began eavesdropping the conversation. Listen to me, I am not happy about this nonsense wedding the two of you have planned. Just cancel it. Theo whispered angrily. Cancel the wedding? What for? How then do we get the property as planned? The female voice responded. I don't care how. I am sick and tired of sacrificing my emotions for some supposed wealth. Do you think it is that easy watching your woman in the arms of another man? Theo asked. Theo, why this time? You've been able to hold yourself together for years now, why then do you want to mare the success at this last minute? Why? The female voice asked in a low tone. That is because I am fed up. Do you know how it will feel like, watching Caleb's ring on your finger? Afrakoma, for once, feel what I feel. I can no longer pretend to be a cousin when in reality, you are the love of my life. Theo complained bitterly. We've earned enough money from this prank, and I think it is enough to elope. Theo suggested. God of Isreal! So it is Cally! So Theo and Cally are not cousins but lovers? God, Caleb is in a deep shit. I thought in palpitations. Elope to where Theo? Don't forget our families are in the village and we can't go anywhere without them. Especially my old widowed mother. Cally complained back. Afrakoma, I can see you are enjoying this game than our reason for starting it. I am fed up, and I can't continue. Just get it straight. Theo angrily talked. Theo listen, I told Caleb I was visiting a friend, that was why I didn't join the family for dinner. He might be looking for me by now out of boredom, let me run back. We will talk later. Cally stated. You ain't moving an inch Afrakoma! Its been months now since I made love to you and I demand it now! Theo angrily commanded. Seconds later, I could hear the both of them struggling in the room. Stop it Theo! I say stop it! What else do you want? Hasn't Caleb given you enough money? Hasn't he given you a better life? Through him, you travel to Europe anytime any day for goods for your boutique. What else do you need? Cally spoke angrily too. Afrakoma, are you trying to tell me I have sold you for riches? Are you trying to tell me that you are no longer interested in this relationship? Then get ready to be exposed. We will all loose this game. I swear! Theo threatened. Theo please, don't do this to me. I can't afford to loose all these riches, I can't. Cally pleaded. Then strip and lie down! I want to fuck you! Theo instructed. Seconds later, I overheard the two of them making love. Mmmmmm Afrakoma, I miss you. I miss the sweetness in you. Theo moaned in ecstasy. Before I knew it, tears began dropping off my cheeks. I tiptoed back to the kitchen to discard the drink. I peeped through the window to make sure Doris was not in there. Immediately I entered the kitchen and placed the tray on the table, Doris stood up from beside the fridge. Jesus! Doris, you scared me. I screamed. I'm sorry Kukua, I was wiping the water I just poured on the floor. Anyway, why are you back with the drink? She asked. Eeeerrrmmm Doris. I mean eeerrmm. I began to stammer. Talk to me Kukua! What happened to you? What did Theo say? Doris asked with seriousness. Nothing Doris, he rejected the drink. I lied. That is a fat lie! The Theo I know won't do that! He will either take it and drink it later or drink it in your presence and give you back the glass. Kukua, for the last time, talk to me or I will go in there to ask Theo. She threatened. Instantly, my jaw dropped. What should I say? I thought in fear.

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