Friday, 21 September 2018


God, how do I promise on something I am considering. I thought. Kukua please promise me. I don't want you to leave this house. If not for anything, for the promise brother Caleb gave you, the promise of you going to school. She convinced. Doris, what if I don't survive till that time? What if this family torments me to death? I asked sadly. Kukua, you need to be strong. If maltreatment kills, I would have been dead long ago, but look at me, I am stronger than ever. As I speak to you, I am taking care of my junior siblings who are both in the senior high school. I am as well taking care of my old parents who are jobless. And I am building a four bedroom house for them as well. All through this job. She narrated. Really? Doris are you sure this job is that good? I asked. Yes it is Kukua. You need to stay. She responded. But Doris, I have no family to take care of, so why should I stress myself this much? I asked. For the sake of your future Kukua. Don't forget you will marry and have children someday, you need to lay a solid foundation for them. She advised. If you say so Doris. I promise to stay. I responded. A week later, Cally's cousin, Theo, returned from Europe. The family welcomed him happily since he was within their class. Rich and powerful as well. Doris served them the sumptuous variety of meals we woke up at 4am to prepare. I also went about my normal duties as a dishwasher. Hey you, since when have you been in this house? Theo asked after they were done eating and I was cleaning the table. Two months sir. I responded humbly. Do you have that strength and courage to work for the Bentum family? He asked. Yes sir, I can do anything. I responded in fear Theo, concentrate on what we are discussing and leave this cheap thing alone. Cally cut in. I hurried into the kitchen to avoid more troubles. Kukua, there is something you must know, and that is, Cally doesn't allow her cousin to mingle with any of the maids in this house. Even though Theo is friendly, Cally restricts him from mingling. Doris explained. Why would she do that? I asked. Of course she is bridging him against poverty. Doris responded. But there is one way you can win his favour, and that is to serve him fruit juice even if he has not asked for it. With that, he will prevent Cally from slapping you unnecessarily. She added. That is no big deal Doris, I will serve him fruit juice even if he is in bed. I need to deactivate that slapping subscription. I jokingly responded. We both laughed over it for sometime and we got back to duty. Later in the evening, the entire family went out for dinner. Theo, ain't you going with us? Mrs Bentum asked. No mummy, I need some rest from my business trip. He responded. Alright then, we will see you when we return, but please, don't kill yourself with fruit juice. Mrs Bentum teased and they drove out. Doris, this is the best time to please Theo. I am going to his room to serve him fruit juice. I happily stated. Sure you have to. Good luck my sister. She responded happily.

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