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Tuesday, 25 February 2020

FICTION:Who They Thought I Was, Isn't Who I Am | A.A.AMBALI

Oh my gosh…….. I can't believe how sexy Maria is looking today!
Wait what? Where did that come from?? Oh well it won't happen again……


I think I’m going crazy… I was at my boyfriends house doing……. Well you know what and there was nothing. No connection, the love just wasn’t there. Worse off….. I think I’m starting to get feelings for someone else…..


I broke it off with Alfred today….. I just didn’t have any feelings left for him anymore……. He looked so hurt and sad that it made me want to cry. But these other feelings building up inside me are getting stronger. And I’m afraid what people will think of me when they know who these feelings are for…….


Okay so I think maybe it's time to accept the fact that…… no I can't. it's just too weird right now for me to accept! This is totally screwing with my mind but……. The feelings just keep getting stronger and I can't ignore them!


Fine okay………… I’ve finally come to accept the fact that I am indeed a lesbian. This is really hard for me to understand and deal with and I can't deny it. I’ve just gotta figure out a way to deal with this and tell my parents……..


Mum…… Say something? Anything?


Okay it stung at first when mum and dad both laughed…….then they realized I was being serious.
Dad got mad and said this isn’t how to he raised his daughter! This isn’t how God wanted me to be!!! Bit he’s clamed down enough now to realize that this is who I am. Nothing can change the fact that I have feelings for a girl, that I have fallen in love with the same sex. I can tell he’s still a bit upset but there’s nothing he can really do about it…….. His little girl isn’t who he thought she was anymore.

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