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Sunday, 30 September 2018


It's still early so she’s sure that Jinnie is still at home in their old place.
She shared an apartment with her before she lived in the condo that Edward bought.
A lot of her things are still in the apartment so that’s where she’s going.
But she won't be staying long.
She needs to find a place of her own.
Good thing she saved money from her salary.
She’s a waitress at the bar owned by her aunt and her Japanese husband.
Her aunt was the one who brought her up since her mother died while birth to her.
Her aunt loved her like her own daughter and her Japanese husband is also very kind to her.
They didn’t conceive a child so they adopted a son.
Upon graduating from college her aunt wanted her to manage the bar they own in Japan.
And they also want to adopt her as their daughter.
But she didn’t accept it because she didn’t want to be away from Edward.
She didn’t spend much ever since she lived in the condo.
Edward provided all of her needs.
She didn’t want to, but Edward insisted.
She arrived at their old place.
Jinnie opened the door and immediately hugged her.
“I missed you!”
“I missed you too!”
“Come in! I miss you and all but what brings you here?”
“I just came here to get some of my things!”
Jinnie faced her and with arms on her waist, asked her seriously.
“Why? I thought you don’t need those anymore?”
And with a nonchalant voice Maymay answered.
“Edward and I broke up!”
“Oh my God! Really? What happened?”
Concern was written all over Jinnie’s face.
Yes, she warned Maymay about the likes of Edward but she couldn’t deny the fact that she also prayed that Edward would be serious about her.
She motioned for Maymay to sit down.
Maymay sat down beside her.
“What’s there to tell? We just broke up, that’s it!” she said with no feelings.
Jinnie is bothered by Maymay’s nonchalance.
“And you're okay with it?”
“Why wouldn’t I be? It was fun while it lasted! But it's time for us to move on.”
Maymay even said with a hint of a smile.
She couldn’t read in Maymay’s eyes if she was really just fine with what what happened.
But Jinnie has a bad feeling that Maymay is just pretending to be okay.
“What are your plans?” she asked.
Maymay got up.
“Move on with my life?” Maymay asked sarcastically.
“You can come back here if you want!” Jinnie offered.
Maymay shook her head.
“I can't! anyway, you know I’ve always wanted a place of my own, so maybe this came at the right time!
Jinnie stoop up and hugged her.
“You know I’m always here for you right?” she asked Maymay.
Maymay slowly nodded.
She doesn’t want anyone’s sympathy.
She got out of Jinnie’s hug and walked towards her old room.
“I’ll just get my things and then leave! I’ll see you later at the bar!” she said without looking back at Jinnie.

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