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Tuesday, 25 December 2018


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I want to talk about YOU AND YOUR ATM CARD

I notice a trend with some or let me say many of us and the trend has to do with our habit of divulging the pin to our ATM cards to people especially strangers.

Most of us engage in the above act because we are either in a hurry or want to tactically jump the queue. THIS IS VERY WRONG.

I know that YOU reading this right now is guilty of this or you have seen persons who is guilty of it. IT SHOULD BE STOP

There is a reason why your bank gave you the card and its pin code in confidence or in secret and even went further to advise you to change it to that of your choice.
So many persons have been defrauded due to this careless act of allowing people know their pins and so don’t become the next victim.

Your pin is for you and you alone and if you must divulge it to someone else, divulge it to someone you trust so much and where still in doubt, quickly go and change it over the ATM.

Let’s be on guard over our ATM card+ hard earned money and stop being reckless with it.

Thank you!!!

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