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Thursday, 26 April 2018


And today's poem is dedicated to oh so many people I know, especially the one putting words like "Author" or, God forbid, "Authoress" in front of their name.


The Art of Mountaineering
I secretly laugh at people
Who reach some pinnacle
And then stop 
To brag and shout about it.
Like some little kid
Standing proud on top
Of a mound of gravel:
I'm the king of the hill!
Look where I've got!
I'm so high up!
Look, I'm here still!
Nowhere higher to go!
I see my house from here!
You little insects below
I'm feeling so much above you now!
And they never look
A simple truth in the eye:
The fact they won't ever make
A decent alpinist.
Because it's not a game 
Of how high you got
It's about the journey up
It's all about conquering
And not the spoils of conquest.
And though it's pleasant to stand
On that forbidden land
So few people set foot on
In their lifetime
I would never stop climbing
And after I reach the top
I instantly find myself
At the foot of another mountain.

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