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Thursday, 19 April 2018

The Power of Silence

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The real power of silence is hiding deep down inside of every one of us. It is mainly connected with the ability to recognize the situation we are getting into and crucial for our self-improvement. The ability to be silent is worth gold. Why?
First of all, it is polite to be silent when someone is talking. You don’t want to interrupt someone. Instead, practicing silence will allow you to really explore   what listening is all about – and you can't do that with a noisy mind.

If you find yourself in a difficult situation, it's better to stop for a moment and think about  the possible way out. Being silent gives us an enormous advantages and instead of panic and filling our head with noise, we are able to solve the problem better.
It is better to remain silent than to talk about things you are not qualified to discuss.

People often want to be included in the conversation even if they are not qualified to talk about it. it doesn’t make any sense to discuss  things we are not informed about. If you want to be treated with the respect it is recommended to talk about things we are informed. Besides, a lot of useful pieces of information passes right in front of our noses without noticing them, because we were talking at the time they came.

Enjoying the Power of Silence is an art.

Not everyone is capable of enjoying the silence and if you do know how to enjoy it, you are pretty lucky. Fast life brought us a lot of money and, unfortunately, a lot of stress, pressure, and depression. Being able to enjoy the silence can reduce all of these daily issues. My recommendation is meditation, cause not just you are going to rest your brain, but it will give you the opportunity to work out your mental strength. You should be able to notice the progress in just a couple of days.


Personally, it is the most hated thing in life. Wasting precious time to gossip makes me sad. If you stuck in the circle of this type of people, maybe you should consider changing the environment or trying to adjust to it. if you have co-workers gossiping, try to use the time intended to gossip  for doing something else. Everything else is better than gossips. You can try to learn something new on a daily basis instead of sharing rumors. Not just it will improve your knowledge, but it will make you smarter than the environment. We all need to work out on our self-improvement.


My gramma told me once: “If you don’t have anything smart to say, then don’t.” I was little and didn’t understand her words, but now, no matter how rough it sounds, I agree with her. Think before you speak, listen more and enjoy the moment. Life can test us in many different ways and we are here to react on those tests in the proper way. The power of silence gives us the strength tomaintain order in our lives and we should definitely use it.

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