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Thursday, 19 April 2018

Sometimes It's Easy

Sometimes, when you're walking down the street and you see a couple  coming you way and you notice that they’re carrying a garbage bag—because they’re picking up litter and trash as they walk along—it's easy to see the goodness in other people, and to feel positive about the ways that other people live and the things that they do.

When a co-worker gets a phone call and is told that someone turned in the phone that she had lost a few days earlier, it's easy to believe that there’s a great deal of goodness in the world, and that most people, when given the opportunity, will do the right things rather than the selfish or greedy things.

When I see someone compliment another person for no obvious reason, or encourage them to do their best from the other person’s action, then it's easy to see that human beings are generally very helpful and considerate beings, whether we always show it or not.

When I read/ heard about lawyers taking on cases for people who can't afford legal representation, or doctors and dentists performing surgery for people who need it but can't afford it, or business people donating their time and money and resources to help those who are less privileged than they are, then it's easy to believe that we’re hopefully working forwards every moment we live.

When I see kids sharing with each other; athletes demonstrating good sportsmanship; students acting with integrity and character; mothers and fathers treating their children with dignity and respect; successful people sharing credit with others who contributed to their success; husbands and wives being faithful to their spouses; “famous” people showing humility; researchers devoting their time and energy to developing products and medicines that will serve humankind --- the list could be endless --- I realize that there are far more people working to contribute to the goodness in the world than there are trying to harm the world and the people in it.

In theory of course, I don’t need to witness any of these things to know in my heart that human beings are basically good, caring, and compassionate. But it seems that many people are afraid of showing that side of themselves, so sometimes it's nice to be reminded that this world basically is a very good, very positive place in which to live. And the people who are here with us want to contribute to the positive side of life, even if all of them aren’t able to do so because of their fears or insecurities.

I’m very grateful when others make it easy for me to see the goodness, for those are the times when I feel most optimistic about the lives we’re leading and the world in which we’re leading them, and it thus becomes even easier for me to contribute to life in positive ways myself.

For those who make it easier for me: thank you! I owe you a tremendous debt of gratitude!

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