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Monday, 1 January 2018


To the hurt and pain in this world can there be any
Rhyme or reason.

Is there a bigger plan or is it as simple as the
Change of seasons

We are all searching for something,
Answers, Love, Peace anything

Some of us suffer in silence
Some of us forge alliances

But we are all in some kind of pain
Sometimes it’s hard not to go insane

I wonder if this is the way it has always been
And so we continue our search over and over again

But to what end

Because an injured soul cannot mend
So as a happy couple promise to love and keep each other through pain and strife

In a park a young teenager takes her life
So as a new child is born he cries

Somewhere else a person in to much pain lies
So as one man looks at his child and falls in love

Another man answers the calls from above
With all the death that surrounds us how are we supposed to feel alive?

If we are even one of the ones lucky enough to survive

So for myself or any of you I have no conclusion
And I ask again is there any rhyme or reason.

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