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Monday, 1 January 2018



Thoughts pass through my mind
As if nothing else can go through my head
Yet some are more
Distinct than
And are like
A flowing stream of consciousness.

Thoughts are thoughts
But what are they to me?
What can they possibly be
When sometimes I do not understand them?
No, that is not what thoughts are,
They are inquiring,
Making beautiful illustrations,
Or assumptions beyond all imaginations,
But those are all shallow,
For what really troubles me is Morality
In the general sense.

The things we believe in,
The morals we live by,
Important all the while,
And yet what are they?

Morals are rules,
Guidelines we live by;
Those are ethics,
Which stand hand in hand.
Yet are morals law?
Do they hold true?

Every action that we make
Has some sort of consequence to it.
Yet, is this always true?
Do we worry about the consequence?
Or do we think about what would be better?
Such as the greater good?

Morals are interesting,
And yet I inquire deeply within my soul
To wonder what is the best approach.

We take a scenario,
And then we wonder what would be better.
Is it bad to break a moral code in general?
Or is it good for anything to meet the end?

Stealing is bad,
Yet,  I wonder,
Is stealing good, also?
It may be,
If someone is trying to survive,
Yet we will never know.
Stealing is stealing is stealing,
And thoughts will come to you when
You inquire about them.

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