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Monday, 11 December 2017


Wining is a word that is exciting to hear and great to be associated with but only few people ever taste it. Every person want to associate with a WINNER.(Champion).

People like 'stars' are celebrated in society because they have emerged "winners" in there field. Looser are shunned and most times  loosing is associated with shame. No wonder most people cant withhold tears when they fail. 

There isn't any big different therefore between a winner and a looser. Let look at two football teams. They all have equal number of players, had the same period in which to prepare, have the same chances of scoring but only one team will be crowned.

This shows that life displays the same opportunity to a winner as it does to a looser. The Qura'n and the Bible says in proverbs; that the poor and the rich have one things in common:GOD. this means God equips every person with 'equipment' for making it in your life and how far you will go in bringing this potential out to be a victor in life is entirely dependent on you. Look at a classroom,

The same teachers deliver the topic to all the students,they have the same books to study, same duration in which to write exam and yet they score different marks, some settle for 40,50 and other get 90,100 percent. The different is with the way the minds are employed to yield.

Everyone sited here is a potential winner, potential billionaire, potential successful, businessmen, potential professor.

The solution is in your hands and not in any one else's. Your background is not an issue. hey! check out some of the most successful business giants in the world, they don't have a formal educational background and yet they feel graduates. This leaves me and you with an interesting thought.

Educational qualification doesn't equal to success. We have people with degrees and yet they are not successful. What counts is how wide you engage your mental faculties to advantages you in your pursuit of life.

So the answer you have been looking for is not far fetched. it's right above your neck. You have what it takes to make a different in your life, family and country. Once you begin to think beyond your current level, begin to see beyond your nose then you will become a force to reckon with.

Someone said 'opportunity' is usually missed by most people because it comes dressed in an overose and looks like work. Opportunities are lying idle every where waiting for men to open there eyes, engage their minds and explore them. Don't wait for a 100 million loan to get you started in bussiness, you can start where    you are and what you can start with a small shop to a big shop to a mall. starting small is not wrong but staying small is not good.some people started small and today own airlines, others also started small and today they are even smaller.

You have ideas in your head that are begging to be released and explored. You have potential inside you that is wailing to be unveiled to this generation.

#God bless you and see you at the Top.

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