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Thursday, 20 December 2018


You are a pretty lady
I never felt this way before
I love you as a friend
I love you as a sister
You are just a friend
And that won’t change
And it will never re – arrange

Our relationship is a blessing
Amazing times we always spend
Laughter and jokes are common place
Since we built that solid base,
We get along like bread with honey,
A friend like you is a Dream Come True.

F – A – R – I – D – A – H

F – Is for the FUN we had together.
A – Is for the AMAZING times we always spend.
R – Is for the RELAXING times we shared together.
I – Is for the INTERESTING moments we had.
D – Is for the DAY’S we’ll never forget.
A – Is for the ADVICE and sympathy we share.
H – is for the HOUR’S  spent together for laughter and jokes.

She is just a friend,
Who never stop listening to my troubles
Your advice and sympathy helps me move on,
You made me forget the pain that crush my heart.
You were my pain relief,
Your thoughts are clear in my mind,
Understanding we always find.

Now after all this
I have learnt so much from you.
And I want the world to know.
How lucky I am.
To have a friend like you,
This birthday poem is just for you.
A great big smile is overdue.

NB: This is a poem i wrote for a friend for her birthday. Basically a poem that just expresses the extent of appreciation i hold her.

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