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Thursday, 14 December 2017



It is a common saying that Mother has been created by GOD because he cannot reach all places...! That is why mother is the best gift from God to everyone. The heart of a mother is like a rare jewel. She loves her children during the worst and the best of times. If life is a journey, mothers give their offspring a road map and the confidence to make it. A mother’s love is the greatest love in the world, unconditional and priceless.
A mother is the sweetest woman, an angel from heaven, most revered, honored and respected and respected on earth. She is a font and spring of our life, our consolation in sorrow, our hope in misery, our strength in weakness. No language can express the power, beauty, heroism and majesty of a mother’s love which does not shrink where man cowers but grows stronger where man faints and over the wastes of worldly fortune sends the radiance of its quenchless fidelity like a star in heaven. God bless our mothers for wanting us, loving us and giving us the joy of life and a lifetime caring.

Dictionary Definition of a mother is a female parent, but a mother is more than just a parent. She is her children’s best friend. A mother is someone who loves you unconditionally and more than her life itself. Mothers are angels in disguise sent from God to watch and help us through our troublesome times. We hardly stop to think of how they feel and if they need help, we abuse them in a sense by not appreciating them enough. The definition for love is a great liking or affection. But love is something stronger. Love doesn’t give up, doesn’t have a swelled head and doesn’t force itself on others. Love isn’t jealous, is always forgiving and without love, we are nothing. A mother’s love is a bond that connects us together, even before birth. It is stronger than any feeling of hate or fury. Love takes on everything, even if it can’t carry it all. Mothers may seem just like ordinary people, but they are really super heroes in disguise! They show their love in a million different ways every day.
Every mother has a moment in her life where she remembers every detail. She remembers the date, time, and place for the rest of her life multiplied by how many children she has. It is the moment when she gave birth to her child. At that moment, she makes a promise to herself and her child that she would be a good mother. A mother has many defining traits, unconditional love, support, and being a good role model.
A mother has a never – ending supply of unconditional love. A child could destroy her most prized possession, but she will still have a smile on her face because her child is safe. Often, when a child gets upset one says and does hurtful things, and yet a mother forgives and forgets. A mother’s child grows and becomes an adult, and one might make decisions she might not agree with, but she will still love her child and be there when needed. No matter what, a mother will always have unconditional love for her child.
A child needs support in a variety of ways, and a mother is there to offer all of the support needed. Of course, a mother is there to support her child financially as best of her ability. A mother also provide for her child to the best of her ability. A mother also provide for her child to the best of her ability. A mother also provides the emotional support that her child needs; she is always there when her child may need a kiss on an injury, or support of a mother a child may squander through life never living up to his or full potential.
Since children learn by example, it is important for a mother to be a good role model. A mother will show respect to her family, friends and strangers; by showing all of them respect she teaches her children to be respectful. When a mother stands up for what she believes in, it gives her child strength and confidence to be an independent individual. A mother will always be responsible for her actions and admit mistakes when she makes them. Every child needs a good role model to look up to and a mother is just that.
Children learns what they live, so when they are exposed to unconditional love, support, and a good role model, that is who they become. A mother can see her success of being a good mother in the product of her child. A mother creates loving, supportive and stand – up people; that is what every mother wants her child to become.
No matter how much we hurt and irritate and don’t appreciate our mothers, they still love us no matter what.
They accept us for who we are even through we aren’t necessarily the best people we could be. A mother is someone who would jump in a fire just to make sure you have what you need, will run a thousand miles just to get you what you want. Once our mothers are gone there is no shoulder left to cry on, no one to blame for our mistakes, no one to make us our favorite meal and no one there to ask how our day was.
And the only reward a mother wants at the end of the day is the simple words; I LOVE YOU.
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