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Friday, 1 December 2017

Getting Divorced? Be Prepared For These 10 Things!

Personally, I have always believed in understanding the psychology of an individual before getting into a deep conversation with them. No doubt having a random conversation is no big deal, but when it comes to investing time in a chart with someone who matches my mind and wavelength.
Being a writer, I keep meeting a lot of people. Sometimes, we get into arguments related to the Articles I write on. The other times, people usually appreciate my work. When you interact with so many people, you develop a tendency to note down their reaction. I have personally noticed a lot of people reacting awkwardly to those who have recently, or getting divorced.

If You Are Getting Divorced, Here Are A Few Things That People Are Definitely Going To Tell You:

1. “I am sorry to hear about your divorce!” – I don’t know what the others are sorry for because I am never sorry for anyone who is divorced unless it is not mutual.
2. “How are you going to live the rest of your life?” – People are usually very concerned about your life; sarcastically, they are more concerned about your life than theirs.
3. “How are you going to raise your child alone?” – Even if you ask for the help of those who say such mean things to you, don’t expect them to lend you a helping hand.
4. “I think you should try patching up with your ex for the sake of a settled life.” – For most of the humans in the world, settling down is directly connected to getting married. One word – ignore.
5. “How could you not manage your married life? Where you workaholic?” – Most of the times people are going to find a way to put you down. Don’t let them win by reacting.
6. “Don’t worry; I am sure you are going to find another partner soon!” – I am not sure why people keep saying this to those who are divorced, but I am sure that the recently divorced souls are looking for peace and not people to date.
7. “Don’t worry, I will find you a date.” – I have personally heard a fiend saying this to one of our common friends. I would never try to get two people together unless they are interested in each other.
8. “How did it happen?” – you really don’t owe them any details.
9. “Are you happy now?” – Divorce doesn’t make anybody happy. Let’s admit this.
10. “Why did you have kids with someone you were not very happy with?” – Even though you didn’t know your marriage wouldn’t work, I guess people did.

I believe every individual has a right to do what they want to. Don’t let anyone’s statements hurt you in any way at all. Remember that your friends, parents and all those people in the world are nothing, but random “people” and they are not as important as you are.

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