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Wednesday, 11 October 2017


Truth is naked.........! The bitter truths are clearly concealed by man! you have uncovered the nakedness of a capitalist class who like bed bugs suck the sweat and blood of the working class and grow faster and fatter while those poor workers are left emaciated and starved! Through the metaphor of clothes, i have brought to surface the cruel story of exploitation that has been going on through generation!


The truth is naked
The moon is naked
The animals are naked,
We were born naked

Adam and Eve were naked
Our father and mother were naked
and all in paradise.
So was the creation 
the truth was always naked;
It is naked and it will always be naked.

As years went by,
Humans invented dress,
learned thus hide the truth.

The capitalists made an industry,
calculated the profits;
Advertised how good it was
to cover the naked truth.

They created slaves;
made use of the poor workers
in the third world countries
to create dresses of all kinds and fashions.

They saved the money in the banks
all over the world.

Alas! oneday the capitalist
suffered a heart attack and fell.

The banks profited from his money;

The miserable dress makers
In the factories remained poor
and died in the misery.

The truth is naked
Truth was naked
Truth will always be naked.

poet: Ambali Abiodun Abdul Shakur (Lambaba the poet)


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