Thursday, 19 October 2017



        A happy family is composing of a father who must be responsible and a mother who is courageous in taking good care of her children. Whenever one of these aspects is missing, there is a problem that may occur. A family shall have a good relationship in each member and by attaining this, they must come up with at least common denominator.

     For instance, if the father of the family is irresponsible, it's a big problem knowing that they are the ones to       make the family happy and success.\

    They are the foundation of a family so they must do their responsibilities like working to earn a living, to feed the family, to  send their children to school until they graduated. However if a father is opposite with those factors, there is surely an issue in the family.

    I've known a lot of father that is like this, an irresponsible man who always drunk and sleep with prostitute, always outside the house with friends when they suppose to be with their family and will only go home whenever they want to and that i  think one of the problems in the society now.

    Every single things starts in the family as they called it but if a father is irresponsible then nothing will happen to their family but there is a solution for this and it's having a SACRIFICING MOTHER. I have also known a lot of things that is same as with this . A Great writer(William Shakspare) said and i quote: "Father Actions Become Stories Sons tell their sons About."

     The mother is the one who is in-charge of everything, they work to earn a living for the whole family and at the same time look after their children, if there are no people to look after them because their relationship, to their husbands tend to broke down and will end into the so-called SEPERATION.
     Most of the sacrificing mother nowadays are going abroad(a place far from home). to look for bigger opportunity knowing that they must give their children a good future. This is why we called a lot of mother today as 'HEROES'.

         This set-up for having an irresponsible father and a sacrificing mother tend to have a painful ending which is they choose to have seperation. They parted ways instead because everything seems not working anymore because the other party don't want any charges however the other one wants to uplift their life as a family. People must think about their children.

      Parents shall have to be united in every decision they will have so that their family will keep on going. Having a family with children comes with a great responsibility that is why we should think first before entering this kind of life for us not to regret in the end.

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