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Saturday, 24 April 2021

MY RHYTHM AND MY RHYME | Lambaba the Poet


Here comes my rhythm and my rhyme 

Whose lips are sweet as sugar

Upper so tender, lower so exquisite

When drenched, they yearn to be perceived

When arid, they desire to be embraced.

The girl who I long to hold in my arms 

And listen to her soft sunsuring in my ear

Like a gentle summer's breeze that envelopes me

With the warmth that melts my heart with every word.

Here comes my solace in the tide

The woman, capable of crushing me with a glance

Whose grace has ignited my world 

Whoes eyes and mind filled up the ornaments of beauty

Smoothers my heart with the symphonic melody of her sweet voice. 

Her pulchritude is like the blossoming roses

Of the fields and the meadows, so dignified!

Admired from the soul of desire

Her smile my comfort, her innocence my hope. 

Here comes my honor and my pride 

The girl who has melted my heart with her love

Who captures my undivided attention

Who makes me happy to the point where I can't stop smiling sometimes.

Talking with her is like juggling knives;

Mesmerizing, focus required the hint of danger

At the edge of every phrase.


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