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Thursday, 1 October 2020

THE JOURNEY SO FAR (NAIJA @ 60) | Lambaba the Poet


Silent please!

This is not the time for celebration

But a time to look back to our memories.

Can we have a conversation?

About the country in transition

Who after years of freedom 

Is still searching for definition.

Can we have a conversation about the Nationalist?

Who stepped forward to won us independence

Who laughed in his hardship

And cry in his joy. 

Can we talk about the citizen?

Who gathered to form a nation

Progenies from different tribes

Crowds of visions and evils.

Can we mourn the Military Regime?

Who abandon our constitution 

Who make a misery of our right to a normal self-respecting life

Who make us lose hope on our nation.

Can we talk about the system of government we celebrate here?

Are we proud to tell our children 

We celebrated gerontocracy here and not democracy.

Can we look back at the journey so far?

And the distance yet uncovered

For it is not the name that makes a nation

But the leader and the people who proudly confess.

Can we look at each other’s eyes

And find the courage to love and trust 

For we did not emerge from this country

The country found life from us

We are one Nigeria.

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