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Thursday, 1 October 2020



Woke up one summer morning 

So little and tender was I 

A baby you could call say

But grown up it was.

A nursery pupil the little me was

And as it came to be,

'This is Nigeria' was what I was told

And with no time... The little me 

Turned out reciting 'State and capital' with other children 

"Arise O' compatriots" became our early morning song!

Pledging to Nigeria my country became a thing of joy...

The nursery song; 

'Green white green, beautiful Nigeria flag'

Became our favourite refrain song!

Oh, that was the Nigeria of yesterday!

Just as I was the little kid of yesterday. 

Our country Nigeria...

What has thou grown to be?!

How does thou turn to this?!

We are independent we say

But corruption and social  prejudice 

Has became the order of the day!

Actual FREEDOM  have become a thing of HOPE

Rather than a thing of NOW to enjoy.

We are independent we say

But yet, here we are,

Stocked in the shackles of self oppression!

Chained in the jail of social resentment!

And sentenced to prison of social discrimination!

Our country Nigeria...

What has thou grown to be?!

How does thou turn to this?!

Our children no longer find joy 

In the early morning song

Rather, they wake up to tiredly say;

'I wished there wasn't school today'

Even the youths now wished 

They weren't born on this land!

And the elders hardly see future in you!

But still... We hope, 

We hope for a better tomorrow!

A better Nigeria... 

The true Giant Of Africa!



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