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Tuesday, 15 September 2020

WHEN I FOUND YOU | Lambaba the Poet


Who would have known

That my journey in search of love will end up with you?

I've always wondered what it feels like to fall in love 

What do my emotions look like on paper 

But never did I know it would be you who was headed my way. 

After many years of being alone

Searching for my so called Juliet

I came across you and felt a love have never felt before

I believe I have found my Juliet

A love I never wish to lose. 

A few lines have dropped, a few shots have fired at you

Only for me to know the feeling was mutual

I needed no Joseph to interpret my dreams

I believe we breathed the same air

My innocence touch your heart, you are my world. 

When I found you

The Angel sing in delight

A thousands baby angels 

Danced to the head of a pen. 

When I found you

I felt a love beyond all I've seen

You spoke to the essence of my being

I needed no pastor or Alfa to attest

That with you, I have found my dream.

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