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Thursday, 9 July 2020


I wish I could say I was engulfed with sadness 
But rather I will say I'm engulfed with rejection
You are a fiend cause you devour my heart
You left me with an unpatched yet wounded heart
I had sleepless nights
And the one struggled to sleep was shortened by the nightmares of our past
I won't call you daemon
But you are beast that left with my soul
Without having glances at my body

The brutalities my heart experienced 
I thought its found pleasure in it 
For the longing it still have for your love 
Is like the craveness every stars have to move closer to the moon
I imagined every night in your bed
As you cuddled me with your magical hand
And place soft kisses to my skin 
As you and the cold fight for dominance

My love 
The longiness of my throbbing heart
Has made me to forget about the hurt you caused to my body and soul
I don't hate you and I never did
Of all the hurt and pain you caused I choose your love over it

©Nuriyah scribes

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