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Saturday, 27 June 2020


After NYSC , I told him to get me a job but he refused, he said I don’t need one, that I have everything I wanted. But I’ve learnt from my mum’s mistake never to allow any man deprive me from working.
“What exactly do you need the job for, you have everything at your disposal” he said.
“I can’t sit around doing nothing.”
“Fine, if you want to work. I’ll open a boutique, depot, supermarket or any business of your choice, just name it and I’ll get it done.”
“I don’t like buying and selling. I prefer an office work. An organization where I’ll be relevant. I want an enviroment where I’ll know what’s going on in the world. Not sit in one store throughout the day.
“Office work? Have you seen anyone who became wealthy through salary alone. Business and investments is the key.”
“I know, I love investments too but buying and selling is not just my thing” I explained.
Prince knew nothing about my investments. He knew nothing about my landed property and shopping complexes. He never monitored my personal life. He doesn’t keep tabs on me nor ask questions on how I spend my money.
After so much plea he agreed. He got me a job for me at the House of Assembly in Abuja. The pay made sense and I have a very fine office to myself. I’ve always wanted that. And he also bought me a new ride that suits my new job.
Prince insisted I move in with him but I objected to the idea. I got my own apartment in Abuja instead.
He came down to my apartment one day and started complaining again.
“You don’t listen to me, you choose to do whatever you wish” he said.
“Prince I’m not your wife, please stop treating me as one. I still have the right to my freedom” I told him.
“Why did you refuse to move in with me?”
“Simple, I’m not your wife.”
“Then let’s get married.”
“And I said NO.”
“Anike stop being selfish.”
“So I’m the selfish one here, you’re being selfish too” I stood arms akimbo.
“Do you consider my feelings at all.”
“Some times it takes more than feeling. I can’t be tagged a gold digger.”
“After all it’s my gold mine and I’m not complaining. I don’t get why you are so much interested in other people opinions. Who cares.”
“I care, Prince there are lots of women out there who are dying to marry you, go for them and stop pestering me.”
“Anike, I thought you’ve grown to love me?”
“I do, but this love can’t lead to marriage. I’m just 25.”
He walked up to me and pulled me into an embrace.
“I don’t like the way we fight this days” he said softly.
“I don’t like it too.”
“Is there someone” he asked still hugging me.
“No” I replied.
“Then I still have hope” He smiled and kissed me on the lips. I made Dinner for the two of us since he decided to sleep over.
“I woke in his arms, he was already awake. Good morning….”I yawned.
“Morning my princess.”
“When did you wake up?”
“Not too long.”
“Something on your mind?”
“I want a baby?”
“Adopt one, or more you have the resources.”
“I want a baby from you.”
“From who? Not again, Prince don’t start” I sat up. “It’s baby again this time. I no longer understand you this days. From Marriage to baby?”
“Anike if you can’t marry me at least give me a child. I want something that will come out from you, like the fruit of our relationship. The product of our love.”
“What did I get myself into for God sake” I said aloud. I will not be a baby mama, I reject it. I refuse to be one” I said and left the room.
I was at Prince's house, we are in his sitting room relaxing. I wore a pink tank top on a blue bump short. One of the staff came and informed him that he had an August visitor, cos he wasn’t expecting anyone.
It was his opponent, Admiral Odigwe. They are both running for same post in the Navy. He stormed in with his hefty bodyguards without been authorized to do so.
“Get inside now!” Prince ordered me.
I made to leave but one of the bodyguards blocked me from moving.
“Where did you think you are going, Come back here” His opponent said and I obeyed. I stood behind Prince.
“How dare you, You have guts you know, first you barge into my house, then you start ordering people around here” he lashed at him.
“Admiral Gabriel Alawode I came just for one reason. I came to warn you, leave that post for me or else.”
“Or else what?”
“Alawode…. You don’t want to find out, do you?”
“Are you seriously threatening me in my own house?”
“If you call it a threat so be it but don’t say I didn’t warn you.”
“Why are you so insecure Odigwe, why can’t you just let the best man win” Prince said calmly this time.
“We already know who the best man is, but you won’t win this time around. Alawode the high and mighty. You know all the favors you get from this government, even from the President. You get everything at the snap of your fingers, so why can’t you just leave this post for people like us who are not so lucky as you.”
“Like I said earlier let the committee who are in charge choose who ever they want.”
“Spare me that my friend, we all know that post will be assigned to you, even the President wants you to have it.”
“So what do you want from me when you know that already?”
“I want you to step down, tell them you are no longer interested.”
“Man, have you ever considered going into comedy as a profession. You’ll sure make a fine one. You want me to back down for you of all people, a corrupt and wicked soul like you? Then you must be joking.”
“You have no choice here.”
“Really! If you had come in peace, I would have given it little consideration, but because of this approach of yours, I’ll win and let’s see what you do about it.”
“What I’ll do about it? I’ll show you what I’m capable of doing, you know you have just one weakness.”
Prince laughed. “I! Weakness! Odigwe stop blabbing, I don’t have a weakness.”
“Well, you may not know but you have one and she’s standing right behind you.”
Prince was shocked but he hid it well for him not to notice.
“Like I said earlier, you’ll make a fine comedian. You considered a call girl my weakness?”
“Quit the pretense Alawode, you and I know she’s not a call girl.”
“Then who is she if not a call girl?”
“Anike Adams is the love of your life, you live and breath her. If you really value her life, you’ll do the right thing.”
“You are bluffing, You think I’ll step down because of that.”
“77 Ahmadu Bello Road, Wuse Zone 2 Abuja. Does that address rings a bell?” He laughed wickedly.
“If you touch a single strand of hair on her head. I swear on my Father’s throne, I’ll kill you with my bare hands. ”
He laughed wickedly and left with his men.
I was scared, that man is sure dangerous. I could tell from the look on his face.
Prince was pacing up and down the room. He summoned all his security agents and gave them orders.
He also instructed his PA to put some things in place.
He called two of his staff. They came in quickly.
“Sir!” They chorused, all at attention.
“Go to Anike’s place and get all her things out of that house this minut.”
“What! The house I just rented?”
“Didn’t you hear him, he knows where you are staying.”
“Where will I stay now?”
“Here of course.”
“I’d rather go to Lagos.”
“And endanger the life of your family or get yourself killed? Are you thinking at all?”
“Prince, I’m not staying here.”
“I know you don’t like the idea but I can only protect you here, out there is not safe for you.”
“What about work?”
“Leave work for now.”
“Really!” I walked out on him in annoyance.
He followed me “ Anike, my Princess this is just temporal.”
“For how long?”
“I’ll die if anything happens to you my princess, just bear with me for now. I promise I’ll handle everything.”
He brought out his phone and called the President. The President told him he’ll inform the minister of defense to send secret service to his house. They all know how dangerous Odigwe can be when he wants something.”
Two weeks later, I walked up to him.
“I’m tired of staying indoor, I’m going back to work tomorrow.”
That won’t happen, not under my watch.”
“That won’t happen! what kind of punishment is this?”
“I’m trying to protect you.”
“Prince, I’m going to work tomorrow whether you like it or not.”
“OK secret service will exhort you to work and bring you back.”
I smiled at last. I had my plans and my plan is to go to Lagos and not office in the real sense. The next day, two exhort followed me to the office. I got to the office and changed my clothes. I already brought a change of clothes. I used a veil to cover my body and put on a dark sunglasses.
I came out of the National Assembly building, I saw the exhort and I trekked down the opposite way. I flagged down a cab and off to the airport. I planned to stay in an hotel when I get to Lagos, since Prince said I could endanger the lives of my family members.
Few meters away from the airport, a van double crossed my cab. Two hefty men came out with guns. I was about to open the door and run when one of them caught up with him, he brought me out. While I was struggling with him, he hit me with a banton and I passed on.
... to be Continued
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